The Ultimate Jason Voorhees Movie

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Hell yeah, now this should be good. But why does Tarantino want to do this? it doesn't seem like his kind of movie.

I think he just likes using under-utilised genres. Reservoir Dogs as a heist movie, Pulp Fiction as a I don't know what the fuck this movie is, movie, Jackie Brown as blaxpoitation, and Kill Bill 1/2 for a combo of martial arts and westerns. While the American horror movie is an active genre, when was the last time it truely something special? Scream?

I dunno. I prefered the Casino Royale rumours though.

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Hmmm. Can they do anything else with this series? Other than make Jason's victims something other than one-dimensional caricatures that cause the audience to breathe a sign of relief when they are killed and no longer annoying innocent movie-goers?

Respectfully thinking I answered my own question,

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