The Top 20 Lamest Mortal Kombat Fatalities Ever


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When it comes to fighting games, the Mortal Kombat series really is my cup of tea. I'm not good enough to play insanely detailed games like the modern Street Fighter or Marvel vs. Capcom. Mortal Kombat gives someone like me a puncher's chance, no pun intended. But, for various reasons -- such as poorly designed games, awful animation, and some really stupid Fatalities -- my devotion to the franchise has left me with many a bitter taste in my mouth. That said, sit back and enjoy my rundown of the lamest, dumbest, and most ridiculous of all the Mortal Kombat finishers. Any Fatality described here "earned" its way onto this list by either being completely lame, aesthetically ugly to watch, or just nonsensical to the point that even die-hard fans wouldn't be able to excuse it.

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