Episode 76


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As the guys speed to the end of Peter Davison's era as The Doctor, both the violence and quality of the series begins to pick up. In "Frontios," despite his reservations, The Doctor comes to the aid of an Earth colony besieged by weaponized meteorite showers. Then in "Resurrection of the Daleks," Davros is freed by his creations because they need him to cure a deadly virus, but it all leads to a Dalek civil war. And the ensuing carnage, bloodshed, and death causes Tegan to flee from her life with The Doctor. [ 1:45:14 || 50.6 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_076.mp3

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I agree about Matt Smith being a better actor than David Tennant. This isn't a slight to Tennant, as he's great, but Smith's performances in "A Good Man Goes to War" and "Closing Time" are on another level.

Glad to hear Davison is acting with a lot more Doctorness. I went out of order and watched "The Caves of Androzani," where Davison delivers an incredible performance, so it looks like my opinion of his Doctor will continue to go up when I watch the rest of the season.

I haven't seen "Resurrection of the Daleks" yet, but I have seen "Attack of the Cybermen" and Lytton was the best thing about that story after Colin Baker. And Mike calling "Attack" was one of the best moments of the Davison era.

I actually love Terry Molloy as Davros and I was a bit surprised, even though you guys aren't as big of fans of him as I am, that he just got a brief mention.

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A little note on the slilly Dalek Merc Helmets.

Back in February I went to the Doctor Who Experence (t'was awesome). In the second room of the "Experence" show there was one of the Helmets on top of a book self to the right of the exit to that room. When I saw it I instantly thought of you guys. ^_^

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