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True but I am only on episode 23 of WFP so I'm still working the system. I am and have been a big fan of Batman the animated series since it was brand new in the 90s. I just got into the rest of the DCAU and I just got the entire Superman series on DVD. So I am working that now and just am looking for discussion besides what has already been posted.

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True but I am only on episode 23 of WFP so I'm still working the system. I am and have been a big fan of Batman the animated series since it was brand new in the 90s. I just got into the rest of the DCAU and I just got the entire Superman series on DVD. So I am working that now and just am looking for discussion besides what has already been posted.

Well: if you want to discuss the recent DC animated films: Go to this thread.

If you have any thoughts about WFP as you go along, you are best posting them in This thread.

Those threads will have the most discussions about DC animated movies and cartoons.

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I'm still here. I actually never finished listening to episode 100. I was with these guys since probably episode 10 or so. I started listening to this sow when I was doing my masters degree at the University of Arizona, I would listen to this show about once a month or so when I was driving home. I live about 4 hours away from Tucson so the drive made it perfect to listen to one show on the way there, plus other podcasts or music, then the next one on the way back to school. I used to go home once a month for the weekend so this arrangement made perfect sense for my situation. This was my system for the first 2 years of the show, although I have to admit the second half of my last semester was not as enjoyable as the rest in terms of podcasting, since I knew next to nothing about the Zeta project.

During the year between my first and second venture into graduate school, I would listen to the show, but because I wasn't driving as much as before, I could listen to the shows pretty much the same week when they were released. Once Teen Titans came alone I already knew I was going away for a year and because my flight to the UK would be so long, I gathered up a couple shows to listen while on the plane. I figured I would listen to one show and maybe half of another one since I usually sleep a lot during long flights. On that day of September I had my ipod ready to go. Turns out this was the first time I didn't close my eyes during the whole plane ride, I think I started in episode 80 and finished on 85, it was epic. The last show I listened to was on the bus to Oxford. This was the longest I had ever listened to any sort of audio entertainment without stopping for more than 5 or 10 minutes on any given break. Even while going through customs I had my ear buds on.

While that was epic for me, I knew that the show was coming to an end. Because my work load basically tripled from my previous academic experience, I didn't have much time to enjoy WFP as I had before, so I decided not to listen to the shows and wait for my christmas break when I would do a "travel marathon" like I had done in September. I did and it was nothing short of memorable. Sadly I was now in he 90+ range of episodes and because this was the Justice League section of WFP, I knew I couldn't hold on too long without listening to the final episodes. So I decided to listen to them as they were released. All but the final one. Once I saw that running time in the 5 hour mark, I knew I had to finish this podcast in the same way I started it, listening to it on the road back home after my Hilary term break in March.

As you remember from my first sentence, I still haven't finished. I probably got to about the 2-hour mark and haven't touched it since that first time I started it. I wanted to listen to it on my way back home after my second term break on March 21st of last year. I was sure I was going to finish to enjoy the last episode of WFP on my 8-hour flight. I figured I could listen to about half the show, then take a nap and listen to the rest of it when I woke up. I got to about the first 45 minutes, then fell asleep for about 3 hours, woke up and had dinner and listened to another hour or so of the show and I was so tired that I took another nap. Well, once I woke up I went through customs and everything went so fast I didn't get a chance to take out my ipod. I went to my gate for my connecting flight and stroke up a conversation with someone… I still had WFP on my mind but it would have been rude to cut this person off. It's ok, I thought, I can listen to it on my final flight. I again got on the plane and the same person I was talking to before, was sitting in the row behind me, we arranged to be seated together and for the next two and a half hours we talked… WFP had taken a backseat… for now.

I finally got home, and between unpacking, catching up with friends, going out, writing some essays, studying and going out more, I forgot about WFP. When I had to fly back to the UK for my exams I had a backlog of podcast and audiobooks that I wanted to get though. I still had WFP but figured I could listen to it between study breaks. That never happened, I didn't have a break for the next three weeks. Once my exams week was done with, I relaxed, we all did. A couple parties, dinner, etc., but then the fun was over, it was time to write my dissertation, do research, write some more, drafts here and there, etc. Before I knew it I was coming back home for the final time. Still no WFP on the plane, this time I was watching some movie, other podcasts, etc. Now here I am, months later, still episode 100 of WFP is marked as started on itunes, not new and not finished, just started. I still feel good seeing it because even though there have been updates to the RSS feed (Batman Year one commentary for example), I still feel WFP is not over for me. There is still some piece of unheard material there. I’ve listened to over 99% of this podcast, remember a lot of memorable quotes, jokes, reviews, rants, grades to particular shows and more…

Have a great time you guys, Mike, James, everybody that ever had anything to do with the show, listeners and the people that created these wonderful shows, I know you have enjoyed it all, and as long as that blue dot on my playlist stays next to WFP episode 100, the show hasn’t died, not for me at least.

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Thanks for the response. I just finished Superman the animated series and am now watching both Justice Leagues series. I really dig the DCAU and was disappointed that there are not more episodes of WFP. However if they add to this universe you never know plus I still have Batman Beyond to go as well. As for Teen Titans I am not a fan so I may never see that series totally but who knows I have been spending a lot of time with the DCAU lately and I love it.

Superman was an amazing series I think it was better than BTAS but BTAS has such a special place in my heart that it is hard to rank it ahead of STAS.

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