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Murdoch dodges the Birdarangs as each one of them zips by him and engages Grayson once again. The two men engage in fisticuffs, but neither one seems to be able to strike the other. They make their way up another set of thin rafters, Grayson on one and Murdoch on the other. Nightwing grabs his last Birdarang and hurls it at Daredevil. He dodges it easily and it flies away. Murdoch remarks dryly, "You're not bad...for a cold-blooded killer." The Birdarang whisks back toward Daredevil and he hears it coming. He dodges it again, but it cuts through the thin rafter upon which he stands and he falls. Grayson leaps off his rafter and catches Murdoch while shooting a grapple at another beam. The two men lower safely to the floor. Murdoch jumps away from Grayson and stares at him for a moment...

Murdoch: "I admit my mistake and concede defeat. No murderer would have tried to save my life."

Grayson replies: "'Tried'?? I believe I did."

Murdoch: "Trust me, I could have used my billy club at any number of locations in this building. Rafters, poles, etc. The boomerang weapon you threw at me? I heard it through the air behind me and dodged it allowing it to cut this rafter in half. You see, in that same way, I read your heartbeat and I had to test you to be absolutely sure you really weren't the murderer I took you for. In whatever case, I have work to do..."

Grayson demands answers as to why Murdoch thought he was a killer, and hesitantly, Murdoch reveals his motives to his black and blue-clad acquaintance. Grayson explains who they're dealing with and the two men grudgingly agree to join forces to bring Blockbuster to justice.

Nightwing wins...sort of.

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Nightwing, trained by and a former partner of the Batman, will figure out that DD is blind and has enhanced senses. Nightwing finds a way to disrupt DD's senses, particularly his hearing. Still, Nightwing isn't Batman, and DD is an experienced fighter. It's a tossup, but for this particular fight at this particular time, Nightwing wins, barely. The next time the two meet, though, the result may well be different.

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