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Back in 2006 we started to hear rumors that the book Raging Bull II, by Chris Anderson, Sharon McGehee and Jake LaMotta, would be

adapted to film, in order to provide a “companion piece” to Martin Scorsese‘s original Raging Bull. And, in all likelihood, to attempt to cash in on the recognizable name.

Now that plan is going forward; director Martin Guigui has a script he co-wrote withRustam Branaman, and is casting the film now to begin production in June.

Moviehole has a casting breakdown of the movie, which reveals that, as we’d heard years ago, Raging Bull II plans to chart the early days of Jake LaMotta’s life, and then pick up again in the days after the end of Scorsese’s film.

Robert De Niro will not reprise the role of LaMotta; William Forsythe will play the older incarnation of the boxer. This would be the second time Forsythe took on a De Niro role, as he also played Al Capone in the TV follow-up to Brian De Palma’s The Untouchables, in which De Niro played Capone.

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