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Same as the other thread, except you're the good guy this time.

If you lived in a comic book universe, and chose to be a superhero, what would be your...




Base/City of Operations:


Special Weapons:

Fighting Style:

Special Training:




Would you have a secret identity? (If so, what would be your civilian name and job?)

Would you be a human, alien, god/supernatural being, or spirit?

Would you have a sidekick? (If so, list his/her names and powers.)

Would you be on a team? (If so, list the name of the team.)

List any other pertinent information.


Powers: Choose up to four.

Powers: Can be none, a la Batman.

Costume: Can be street clothes, a la current Wolverine.

Base/City of Operations: Does not have to be on Earth.

Weapons: Can be nothing. (Can be as simple as a baseball bat.)

Special Weapons: Can range from nothing to highly advanced alien technology.

Fighting Style: Martial Arts, brawler, acrobatic, etc.

Special Training: Can be none.

Weakness: Must list one. (Can be as simple as a love interest you'd die for.)

Motivation: Must list one -- reason for being a hero. (i.e. murdered family)

Origin: Must list one, even if you have no powers.

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If you lived in a comic book universe, and chose to be a superhero, what would be your...

Name: Raven

Powers: Typical Super-Hero Package (I.E. Speed, Strength, Agility, etc.) Ability to Metamorphose into a literal raven, Ability to use dark energy to cause explosions, bind enemies, much like the Green Lantern's ring.

Costume: Black trenchcoat, brown mesh t-shirt, black pants combat boots. And a black medallion, called the Dark Bird's Nest.

Base/City of Operations: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Weapons: Two curved swords, much like scimitars, called The Raven's Wings.

Special Weapons: None.

Fighting Style: A combonation of traditional Martial Arts, such as Kung Fu or Karate, with a more grappling based offense, forged from amatuer wrestling.

Special Training: Little, from an ancient Chinese shaman.

Weakness: Basically anything that would kill a human, except Raven can take a bit more punishment.

Motivation: To avenge the Hunters, his ancestors, and a race of ancient Warriors, who were wiped out by an evil clan, who's decendant now heads a major American Corporation.

Origin: A typical teenager is pulled aside from his highschool class, by a strange little man, who tells him his history (see motivation), and hands him a strange Amulet called the Dark Bird's Nest, which he would draw his power from.

Would you have a secret identity? (If so, what would be your civilian name and job?) Yes, he's a high school student named Mason Sterling.

Would you be a human, alien, god/supernatural being, or spirit? Human.

Would you have a sidekick? (If so, list his/her names and powers.) No.

Would you be on a team? (If so, list the name of the team.) No.

See above.

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Same as the other thread, except you're the good guy this time.

If you lived in a comic book universe, and chose to be a superhero, what would be your...

Name: Nighthawk

Powers: None

Costume:Black pants, white utility belt black (Kind've like Nightwings) longsleeved top. Mask that sits on the face, covering most of it, except the mouth. (Kind've like the green lanturns.)

Base/City of Operations: Seattle or Los Angeles

Weapons: This is quite large. Custumorised Boomerangs (Batarangs), Grappling hook, special contact lenses that change colour on thought (I'll explain this later) and can also turn night vision and zoom in, Smoke and explosive bombs. Special darts (tranquelizer and normal) concealed in wrist area. A mouth peice that stores 2 hours worth of oxygen and can disguise voice. Small cameras and tracking devices.

Special Weapons: A giant blade like object (shaped kind've like a Batarang) made out of Adamantium that when attached to the special glove can be controlled by thought. Can be spun super fast to make a sheild or launched as a projectile. No normal hero can just pick up and use this weapon, it requires extensive training. Can fold in to make it easy to manuver around and to conceal itself. 2 special gloves, the one on the right is made out of a more malleable adamantium, and can change fingure prints when loaded from his computer (again, I'll explain later.). This holds the giant blade. The second one has his computer attached to it. It's like a small laptop that can be folded open. It's made to resist damage and is water proof (if closed). It connects to his huge computer room at home that holds the data for fingerprints and the eye types, which can be loaded up to their respective parts. Can be used to view from the cameras or load up maps and the tracking devices. Can also be used for a database. He also has an implant inserted into his brain which allows him to control his giant blade, he can also change eye colour by thought, but any specific eye type has to be uploaded from the computer. He can also control night vision and the zooming.

Fighting Style: Knows lots of styles, but focuses more on a ninjitzu cross boxing cross wrestling style.

Special Training: Explained in story.

Weakness: Some times relies to heavely on computer. Is trained to withstand mind games but if someone else is involved he is quick to anger which may lead to either a) a foolish mistake or B ) killing someone (A big no-no). Often feels regret for killing someone, sometimes to the point of depression. A secret government organisation knows a lot about him too.

Motivation: Watching the government organisation kill his mother right in front of him and then seeing the organisations power allow the killers to get off scott free

Origin: After an earthquake when he was 8, Nighthawk was kidnapped by the secret organization to be trained to be a new bread of super agents. He was put into a coma, hooked up to a giant computer where he learnt fighting styles, weapons uses, e.t.c (ala the Matrix, but much slower.) 9 years later he starts getting nightmares while in these comas about a woman who he doesn't know. This causes him to break out of the coma. Awakening and not knowing what's happening, he rips himself out of the machine, waking up to see other children hooked up just like he was. He stops their connections as well. He is then discovered awake by a security officer who takes him to their training facility to hook him up with his costume, gear and fill him in that he is a super soldier (even though he really only has the stats of an olympic athlete). After a year of training, he is about to go on his first mission, when the nightmares start getting to him again. A scientist monitoring his dreams tells him she is his mother. Nighthawk escapes, to find his mother. The leader of the operation realises where he is going and sends three agents to kill her. Just as Nighthawk reunites with his mother, the men kill her. Nighthawk beats them into submission, hoping the law will take care of this. Long story short, it doesn't and he becomes a vigilante of justice.

Would you have a secret identity? Yes. It'd probably be my name (I'm too lazy) and would be a comic book artist and owner of a comic book store,.

Would you be a human, alien, god/supernatural being, or spirit? Human

Would you have a sidekick? No

Would you be on a team? Probably later on (i.e JLA, Avengers e.t.c, famous superheroes combined together to battle greater evils.)

Secret headquarters is below his comic book store.

That's quite a lot. I got carried away.

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Name: The Violent Messiah

Age: 28

Powers: The ability to fly. Shapeshifting. Immunity to psychic attacks and probes.

Costume: Black trenchcoat, black leather boots up to my knees, sunglasses; mostly black clothing; Kevlar-reinforced lining on all clothes.

Base/City of Operations: Atlanta, GA

Normal Weapons: Staff made of nearly unbreakable bamboo. Throwing projectiles--knives, stars, shurikens, smoke bombs, bladed playing cards; if necessary, small guns as well.

Special Weapons: A sword cane with an unbreakable metal sheath and blade. The sheath can be used as a blunt weapon itself if necessary.

Fighting Style: Armed and unarmed combat, both grounded and airborne

Special Training: Martial artist, expert detective/deductive skills; shafeshifting and flying ability allows for ease in spying on enemies and criminal activities.

Weakness: Frail, lightweight body--easily broken by those stronger than myself. Heat of 100 degrees Faranheit or higher causes extreme physical exhaustion almost instantaneously.

Motivation: As a child, I was alone and fended for myself on the harsh city streets. I studied martial arts and weaponry my whole life to help protect myself. All the violence I've seen in my life has forced me to use my own style of vigilantism. This is my cause.

Origin: Somewhere in the Southern United States; how he got to Atlanta is unknown because it was at a very young age.

Family: Rumored to have a younger brother and a sister, but no other information to prove it as of now.

Secret identity: Christopher K. Gardner--5th grade teacher in a suburb of Atlanta.

Race: Human being

Sidekick: No one, though I wouldn't rule out having a partner down the line.

Team: If a team decided to form dedicated to protecting Earth and stopping crimes, I would join (albeit probably reluctantly).

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Name: Heijoshin

Powers: none

Costume: (see below)

--Mask: black with silver designs (think Lucha Libre), covered eye slits, exposed mouth/chin

--Shirt & Pants: black, beltless gi (snaps shut), two thin silver stripes run down the side of each leg

--Gloves: black, retractable razor-tips, meant for climbing

--Boots: black, combat/military-style, silver laces

Base/City of Operations: Chicago, Illinois

Weapons: jo (x2), bokken

Special Weapons: none

Fighting Style: martial arts (RE: Special Training)

Special Training: Aikido

Weakness: (see below)

--Right Elbow: surgically repaired, tightens up

--Right Wrist: broken several times, tightens up

--Left Shin: broken twice, weakens after running at length

--Fears: drowning, water

Motivation: To avenge the death of his Shihan; to achieve Kachihayabi.

Origin: Once a thoughtless, selfish 15 year old, Roger was taken under the wing of Aaron Bane -- an Aikido Shihan. Bane and Storm trained everyday for over a decade, until one fateful night when Bane's mysterious past caught up with him, resulting in his murder. When Storm arrived that night and found the lights out and door ajar he knew something was amiss. Upon finding Bane's corpse, he called the police, but their halfhearted investigation proved no results. Angered, Storm swore to avenge Bane's death, even if it meant his own.

Secret Identity: Roger Storm; struggling writer, editor, part-time Creative Writing Instructor

Species: human

Sidekick: none

Team: none, but will reluctantly team-up with other heroes if need be

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