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Okay, so, because I'm a huge nerd, I have been thinking of cataloging my collection since I was about 10.

I finally begin this week.

By hand, I spend many, many hours and get about 200 issues in.

I decide to plunk down for Comic Collector, and after about an hour, I have 538 issues cataloged.

I have no idea how many I'll have all told but it's clearly going to run in the thousands, which I would NOT have bet on.

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So, like Dan I thought about cataloging my comics when I was a kid. Unlike Dan, I actually did. It was part of the fun. Get comics, read them, organize them, then catalog them. And I have never stopped doing this. Mainly to know what I have, but slightly because I am such a nerd about these things. (I still have all my old baseball cards at my parents house, separated in binders by sport, league, division, team, position, player, year, brand. Such fun times playing with those useless things.)

As I pointed out to my mother recently, this is all because she found a coupon for a free comic book. Adventures of Superman #509 was the book I got. That thing spent the better part of three years on the floor of my mom's old station wagon. Now it is framed on my wall. Just because.

Oh, Current count is 10,345. Plus, I have a stack of about 200 in my 'to catalog' box that I have been saving for vacation to tackle. So lets call it 10,545.

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