Episode 572


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This month, Will examines spinoffs and crossovers. What is the most spun-off show of all time, why should you be wary if a new character steals the focus of an entire episode for no reason, and what does an autistic kid with a snow globe have to do with any of this? We apologize for any head explosions that may result from listening to this podcast. [ 1:02:51 || 30.5 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_572.mp3

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The Snorks and Smurfs are mostly incredibly alike. They're more akin to what Hannah Barbara did back in the 70s with all the teens and their mascots solving mysteries. As for those other two, She-ra never really stepped out of He-Man's shadow. Same with A Different World. Honestly, neither really came to mind when I was recording.

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I've always loved the "Tommy Westphall Universe. One small thing that connects two shows I love is the bag of Walt's meth that is seen in an episode of Walking Dead. Leading me to develop an asinine theory about how Breaking Bad ends with Walt starting the Zombie Apocalypse through SCIENCE!

Fantastic episode by the way, Will. Really great insights into the Westphall theory, even making connections that I'd never known of (Munch appearing in Arrested Development etc...) Also, if you did research for this episode, I'd love to know what some of your sources of info were!

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Step away from the corkboard Will, it's not good for you.

Seriously good stuff man. I knew the coma one and the detective one, but you went WAY further down the rabbit hole than I thought it went. Although when it comes to connecting stuff through dreams wouldn't it stand to reason that a character could just be dreaming about a TV character and that it doesn't have to fit in with those other shows? If I dream about Annie from Community (our love is as pure as the driven snow) that doesn't mean that community exists only in my dream, if you follow.

Great stuff though Will, I am both scared and in awe of your knowledge.

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