Favorite/Least Favorite: Returning Monsters from Classic Doctor Who

Favorite/Least Favorite: Returning Monsters from Classic Doctor Who  

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Since the Ice Warriors are back, I thought now would be as good a time as any to do a poll like this. This poll is devoted just to recurring monsters from the classic series that returned in the modern series, meaning that the Macra, the Zygons, and Werewolves--who all only appeared in just one story in the classic series--are out.

My favorite are the Sontarans because of how eloquent and badass they are, while my least favorite is the Master. To be fair, I've only seen a handful of classic Master stories (including "Terror of the Autons" and "The Deadly Assassin", in which he was a good villain in both) and had they kept Derek Jacobi in the role throughout the RTD era, he might even have been my favorite. However, many of his schemes in the classic era are downright ludicrous (see "Time-Flight" and "The King's Demons"), and even when played by Delgado, he kept getting stabbed in the back by his allies (to nobody's surprise but his own) and sometimes had to rely on the Doctor to save his skin. And frankly, the John Simm Master is no better.

I was tempted to vote for the Daleks, but I've never seen any classic Dalek stories. And at least in "Dalek" and "Asylum of the Daleks", they were either badass or frightening.

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It seems I'm in the minority but I love John Simm's Master so much. Rewatching the end of the third modern season made me realize what a great dynamic he and David Tennant had. Sure he can be a bit hammy at times but really watch him and his serious, dark moments far outnumber the cheesy ones.

Least favorite: Silurians. Don't hate them, I just like everyone else on the list a lot more.

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