Episode 22: The Golden Girls


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How can The Golden Girls be both timeless and ripe for an update? Shana and Mike explain this very question as they remake the surprisingly progressive program into a new TV show and movie, respectively. (Closing song, "Zbornak," by Jonny McGovern.) [ 1:14:53 || 36.3 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/forbetterorworse/episodes/forbetterorworse_022.mp3

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I agree with you about Blanche that she is what most people would consider a slut, tramp, or loose. I know that this is not meant to be a political deal but I will point somthinig out to you, when I woman (Sandra Fluke) calls a press conference to demand free birth control because and I quote (paraphrase) "my friends and I want to have as much sex, with as many people as we possibly can." You tell me what we are to think of that person.

I would rather not hear of how someone lives their live and just see them live it. That is who Blanche Devereaux is.

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