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It's a little bit before 10:00 PM on Saturday as I sit down to write this, and I have just gotten out of the evening showing of The Lone Ranger. I wasn't going to go. However, it reached 100 degrees in the city today, I needed to go someplace with air conditioning, and this was the only movie that still had a seat (seriously, a seat) this close to showtime.

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I'm pretty torn on this one. Obviously, I'm a huge western guy, and I generally like Depp when he's not working with Burton. Verbanski had a pretty clear grasp on the western with Rango, too. Despite it being about a talking lizard.

All that said, I think this will be a Redbox.

Fantastic piece, Dan.

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Thanks, guys.

I forgive the framing sequence (in which a 100-year-old Tonto is telling the story to a young boy) mainly because, as it features an elderly crazy person entertaining a young child, it is the dictionary definition of an unreliable narrator, making the more fantasy-related elements more palatable for me. However, cut it (while at the same time ditching the magical stuff that shouldn't be here) and you trim a significant amount of screentime, tightening up the film overall.

More than anything, I was shocked at how much I liked Hammer.

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