Episode 653


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Spoilers! Read no further if you don't want to know stuff that happened in the film, unmentioned in the 'cast....

I enjoyed the review to this film, and it's one of my favorites. I've got to say that there are so many golden little moments in it that you didn't mention like when Lorre's character is being followed, and he buys a little girl some fruit, pulls out a knife and the guy shadowing him is about to take action before seeing Lorre's character calmly peel the fruit with the knife.

I liked the mention about the honor among criminals, as the scene where the police chief, Lohmann interrogates the one guy who was still in the warehouse is classic too. Acting as if the guy is up for more than breaking and entering because he knocked out a guard and.... oh, is that a call from the hospital? Oh... it looks bad for you, my friend.... cut away to the guard sitting in another room down the hall, eating and drinking greedily.... ha!

great stuff. again, I really enjoyed the discussion of the film, I just wanted to remind y'all of those gems....

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