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  1. Loved this episode guys! It was a nice change of pace to hear just the two of you, and your coverage made me laugh far more than the movie ever did.
  2. Justice League vs. The Fatal Five Trailer
  3. Agreed! I definitely wasn't planning on watching this one, but after that sole image and the cast announcement I feel as though I am legally bound to. As for additional alumni returning; I doubt it at this point. For one they weren't listed in the cast announcement (though this could be to save their appearances for a surprise or because of limited screen time). But also, it seems as though the story will focus on the main three whilst introducing Miss Martian and Jessica Cruz (similar to "Superman / Batman: Apocalypse" reintroducing Supergirl, Barda, etc.). I feel like they are worried that having J'onn J'onzz and John Stewart will overshadow their "semi-replacements". However including the full original cast would be a pleasant surprise, for sure.
  4. Image from upcoming "Justice League vs. The Fatal Five" Cast also includes Kevin Conroy, George Newbern, and Susan Eisenberg reprising their DCAU roles.
  5. Actor: Angela Lansbury Favourite Review: Eyes Wide Shut Worst Movie: Yes, Madam Feedback: 'The Orgs', for not only being the sole consistent source of feedback, but also for Anne-Marie's laugh Jingle: That sexy Alfred Molina one (if it counts) 2019: Andy Serkis Thanks for a good year guys!
  6. The 'Spectre' episode was one I was excited for, but something I am in no way disappointed about not having. Of course Ian's other responsibilities and (you know) life. take precedence. I was more so curious, as I don't listen to 'Hey! An Actor' (shame on me), and therefore have been somewhat out of the loop. If it ever comes, I'd be happy to listen; however, I am more than content re-listening to episodes of old, and pretending Spectre was never released.
  7. When you have a director whose whole gimmick is "Style over Substance" its easy to manipulate an audience into thinking this looks "okay". But If anyone (other than the small group of 13 years old and people who just like "Boom Boom") can take a look past the explosions, the CG, and the Style, you'll realize this is just a soggy taco. A soggy taco you've boughten from someone you know is notorious for giving out and overcharging for soggy tacos. Its not even a good taco. Its just the hollow shell. And it falls apart in your hands. And the little cheese that is inside is still frozen. And the salsa has mixed with the dampness of the taco, creating an uncomfortable taco to liquid ratio. But, nonetheless, some good comes from the soggy taco. And that good is getting to read and enjoy the horrific reviews Jorge and his Taco Stand "Taco-2-Go" get on Trip Advisor. And then relishing in the fact that you hated that taco just as much as another person. And you two can bond because even though it seems like every other person will blindly put down their money for these tacos, like they have somehow forgotten the tacos prior, you and your comrade can share the fact that you know and you always knew; this will be the worst taco yet. In other words, I'm eagerly anticipating the Tirade for this one.
  8. If WFP taught me anything, it's that: The Best DC Animated Original Movie would be an adaptation of 'Tower of Babel' The review of 'Green Lantern: First Flight' is coming And that the Judas Contract will be out next year...
  9. The Killing Joke is reuniting Composers: Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion and Lolita Ritmanis. Do you think this is because they shall reprise their (and Shirley Walker's) old Batman / Joker themes used in the DCAU as opposed to the newly created ones from other DCOAM pictures?
  10. You guys kind of had a small gripe regarding Yoda's lesson/ teaching and how at the end of Empire it was "too soon, and he needed more training before versing Vader" and in Jedi "His training was complete, and the final test was to face Vader". Now, I'm not trying to defend it, but is it possible that Luke has returned and trained more with Yoda after the events of Empire. I don't think it would take him a full year to build a new saber, and devise possibly THE WORST PLAN EVER. But then again, you guys have read the Star Wars novels and I haven't, so is something said in a novel that says other wise?
  11. I died a little once the TYRA BANKS impersonation .... AWESOME! I liked this episode a lot, it strayed from the Normal Earth-2 line up!
  12. Let me start by saying that I am not a regular on these forums, but have been a member for the better part of a year. I am very eager to be apart of something as BIG as the forums so sometimes I come across annoying. That out of the way after seeing TDKR a total of 5 times (every time getting slightly better), I had a few thoughts that I wanted to share. The Idea of a G.C.P.D show was thrown around on WFP in an email response, but never really devoted that much time to. That is where this thread comes into play. The Dark Knight Rises takes place 8 years after the events of The Dark Knight. Now due to some wonderful exposition form Robi .... I mean Blake, we know that the streets have been "somewhat" clean for those years. I don't buy it. What I would like to believe is that there hasn't been much crime well Blake has been on the force. Sure we don't know when he joined, but he is a rookie. So what if directly after the events of 'The Dark Knight', everything wasn't resolved, but it wasn't so bad that the Batman was needed. Here is what I'm thinking: We begin with a meeting between Gordon and Batman. Batman would be in silhouette and have hardly (if any) dialogue because he is not the focus. Gordon and the GCPD are.Batman is curious if the situation is so bad he is needed. Gordon tells him not to interfere, he's a wanted man. Gordon receives a call saying there has been a Batman sighting. He tells Batman to split, and once he does, so does Gordon. We see Batman fleeing the scene before the police arrive. He is still weakened by his injuries and is nearly caught by the GCPD, if not for Gordon interfering for him. That is the setup. From there we are given so many possibilities. We could have new crime bosses like The Penguin, or have gangs such as one devoted to the efforts of the joker. Possibly run by Harley. So many minor bat Rogues could be introduced into this universe and still be grounded. I'm not asking for this show to be made, or even suggesting it is a good idea. What I'm doing is throwing this our there to hear what everyone else thinks. And hopefully people do read this and post there thoughts, because if they don't Ill probably look like a fool. So please don't hold back any thoughts, and if you think I am way off base, say so. Thanks a lot! Oh, and if not this, how about out of the Nolan-verse. A new continuity ..... with BRYAN CRANSTON as GORDON! That would kick some serious ass!
  13. I didn't know the actors name going in, and only know Warner from his voice in the DCAU. So I Actually thought it was him for the longest time. Obviously not !