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  1. Are Penguin and Bruce supposed to be around the same age though?
  2. The source is Latino Review, so judge for yourself.
  3. So if anyone is still watching Jaimie Alexander from Thor will be on upcoming episode.
  4. Won't they be children? That's what I don't get, who wants to see the Riddler as a kid?
  5. Completely agree, they can be in the movie and be background characters, but a new trilogy should mean new characters to follow.
  6. Wait wait............ there was Shazam movie planned?
  8. I have no idea if this movie is in the future or in the past. But I think she's great so whatevs.
  9. Spinoffs!
  10. I'm assuming we will see Cyrus Gold again but on the Flash tv show instead of Arrow.
  11. Not too sure about this one.
  13. Gotta agree with Suave here, he's on the ball.
  14. Her and the guy up for Nightwing should take some HGH together.
  15. Wonder Woman casted.
  16. Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow, Almost Human, Arrow, Person of Interest are really the only shows I make sure to watch.
  17. Yea Arrow has been really good this season.
  18. Is Elizabeth Olsen good? I haven't seen her in anything.
  19. I doubt Green Arrow will be in a movie anytime soon.
  20. I'm not sure a Black Cat or Venom movie would be a good idea.