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  1. Another great episode as usual. One note I have is that you both thought that Mr. Freeze had more episodes than he did. He is only in the two episodes "Heart of Ice" and "Deep Freeze". The first time I went back and watched all the episodes again this really surprised me as Mr. Freeze was one of the characters I had remembered the most.
  2. Something about the way she was dressed always made me think she had a court date that day. Might be all the cop shows I watch.
  3. In The Lion and the Unicorn, Alfred is given truth serum. He then says something to the effect of "you'll never get gibberish out of me". I have always thought this was Alfred knowing the password was silly and was trying to mask when he actually says the code. I mean, if I am talking gibberish and then I mention unicorns no one would bat an eye. Am I correct in thinking along those lines? At any rate, I am glad to see that I am not the only one who likes this episode.
  4. A few notes after listening to the episode: Since I know you both love The Terrible Trio so much, I have a few things to say about it, ha. First would be about the stick pen. Mike said that he flicked it away. This is not true. He flicks in into the air and then catches it. Still episode sucks a big donkey testicle. Also, this episode reminded me of an old Spectacular Spider-Man issue I have. Dug it up and same basic plot of three rich guys doing shit because they are bored. But this made me laugh. Now, to Harleyquinade. The question was brought up about how it is known that the Joker has an atomic bomb. Now, it has been a few months since I last watched this episode, but I thought that the cops found the guy selling the bomb after he had been gassed by the Joker. All I have to say, except that I wait patiently for the next installment.
  5. A bit behind on the episodes, but I do have something to add to The Man That Killed Batman. I believe it was Mike that brought up the question as to how the Joker got the cape and cowl. The basis of this it that it was assumed to be the same cape and cowl. The way I see it, the cape and cowl are not the genuine articles. It is not all that uncommon for a villain to have something of the hero (picture, dummy, toy) and destroy it while talking about their plan. Similar thing happens here.
  6. - Dan Turpin's Death - The only thing I really remember from teh Superman series. - Flash Villians - Always makes me laugh when Captain Cold orders milk. - The Question Breaks A Window - For the simple fact that he is singing a pop song while doing so. - Robin on a mission - When Robin goes after Tony Z. at the end of Robin's Recogning Part 2, I love that scene. - Tie: The Joker in return of the Joker flashback scene & The Joker in Wild Cards in JL - The first is just creepy and the running comentary during Wild Cards make me laugh. "You know, I think there's something going on between those two."
  7. I really don't want to see Venom or Carnage anywhere near a Spider-Man movie. I have no idea as the rest of Spidey's rouge gallery really wouldn't work as a one on one movie villian. Also, if you go with the Sinister Six then we get into the "Cyclops Effect" in that none of them get enough character development. Personally, I agree with Yoda, Kraven would be kickass, but I would be wanting a "Kraven's Last Hunt" type story and not get it. I doubt they go the Lizard route because I don't think they thought about him when they cast Conners. They'll probably put Harry in a Goblin suit, Green or Hob.
  8. RoboCop. The man has a jet pack. 'nuff said.
  9. Professor


    Yeah, I like the 2099 line. Thoughts: Ravage 2099 - Changed directions every fourth issue and didn't have a great starting point. Spider-Man 2099 - My favorite of the line. Could have done without the 2099 upgrades for villians. X-Men 2099 - I like it. Should have started way earlier as well. Doom 2099 - Currently reading. It's Doom, so it is good. Punisher 2099 - Just kinda there. Never really had an opinion on it. Ghost Rider 2099 - Why? Totally not needed. 2099 Unlimited / Hulk 2099 - Hulk didn't need his own title. He Should have stayed in Unlimited with all the other little people. Fantastic Four 2099 - Well, I have none so, null. X-Nation 2099 - Didn't need another X-Book in the line. 2099: World of Tomorrow - Great idea, poor execution. Kinda hard to combine five/six titles into one book.