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This relaunch is bullshit. Mike and Dan are covering Smallville, Preston and Hannah are reviewing Captain Planet, and Dread Media is now RomCom Media? I'm going to be picketing the Earth-2.nU at C2E2.

Post of the Day! :bowdown:

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To change your avatar:

01. Click My Settings under your user name at the top right, or click your name on any post, then click Edit My Profile.

02. Right at the top of the next page it'll say Change Your Photo. Click that.

03. Choose your uploading options from there, but follow these rules: an image must be smaller than 300 KB, no wider than 200 pixels, and no taller than 300.

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Cool, thanks for the help with the avatars, Mike. Yeah, I'm kinda digging some of the new features. If you copy and paste from another site, it keeps the formatting which would be good or bad honestly. Still, thus far I have run into no problems and love that we can use larger avatars now.

Edited to add: Also, it allows you to play the podcasts directly in the thread if you prefer to listen to them in your browser. How cool is that?

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Apparently the update erased all of the thread subtitles, which were useful to identify podcast topics. :no:

That said, when you hover over a thread, a downward-facing arrow appears on the right. Click it, and a preview of the topic will drop down (RE: the first post with the copy).

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