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Today we'll start to look at some hidden gems, games that are, for whatever reason, underrated and mostly forgotten.

We'll begin with the NES, because that's what most people are familiar with.


Vice: Project Doom was a mix between Ninja Gaiden and Bayou Billy, sharing the side scrolling elements of one and the driving and shooting segments of the other.


Shatterhand, also known as Punch Everything: The Game. You block bullets with your fist. Also known for some of the best box art of the era.


Battle of Olympus. Though it borrows a lot from Zelda II, it has some interesting quirks of its own as you go through killing famous mythical creatures. In that way, it's sort of a precursor to God of War.


Conquest of the Crystal Palace. Just a solid action game with some light RPG elements.


Destiny of an Emperor. Romance of the Three Kingdoms meets Suikoden. A tactical RPG with up to 150 playable characters. Practically begging for a remake.


Nightshade. I put it in the Koudelka/Nier category of weird games I have an irrational love for. A quirky and well written adventure game about a fedora-wearing superhero fighting an Egyptian crime lord. The game starts with you tied to a chair with a bomb underneath you.


Ghoul School. Okay, Ghoul School actually sucks, but it has great music. Plus, it's called Ghoul School.

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Though my collection isn't what it used to be, I've decided to finally catalog everything with a program called GCstar. The best part of the program? Pie charts.


Perhaps my most unnerving discovery is that I own an equal number of NES and 3DO games.

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There are times when I find the inherent "let's turn everything into a meme" nature of the internet grating and unnecessary.

This is not one of those times.



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A lot of interesting anti-pirating measures discovered in some games.

Playing a cracked version of Antichamber prompts a screamer to appear in the first area.

Pirated copies of Batman: Arkham Asylum have a lot of these, most notably invisible walls and a glide that never works.

Alan Wake is the full normal game, except the main character model has an eye patch.

Mirror's Edge slows you to a crawl and makes it impossible to move after the first two levels.

The DS version of The Michael Jackson Experience turns the entire soundtrack into a ton of vuvzelas.

Serious Sam 3 has a giant unkillable scorpion that chases you through the first level. If you kill it with cheats, it just comes back.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon has several booby traps that render the game unwinnable.


A lot of Konami NES games will boot into hard mode, prompting one-hit kills.

Earthbound has... a ton. And if you bypass some of the minor ones, random encounters are ramped up to absurd levels to make the game borderline unplayable. Some areas even have enemies that aren't supposed to be in those locations. And it gets even worse after that.

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I've emulated and played most of the games I remember fondly from my childhood over the past few years. Earthbound is one of the ones I refuse to because of the Anti-Piracy measures. I'm sure I'm going to get one of the bad roms and get that happen to me.

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Whilst all of those lines are interesting, this one...

The DS version of The Michael Jackson Experience turns the entire soundtrack into a ton of vuvzelas.

....is hilarious!

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Seeing as I don't foresee ever finishing my favourite games of all time list, I figure I'd post the remainder of the list for anyone curious.

60) Bust a Groove

59) Facade

58) I Wanna Be the Guy

57) Demon's Crest

56) Alter Ego

55) 7th Guest

54) Suikoden II

53) Panzer Dragoon Saga

52) Grim Fandango

51) Fatal Frame II

50) Jade Empire

49) Deus Ex: The Conspiracy

48) The Neverhood

47) Garou: Mark of the Wolves

46) LSD: Dream Emulator

45) Silent Hill 4: The Room

44) System Shock 2

43) Advance Wars

42) Portal

41) Mass Effect 2

40) Super Street Fighter IV

39) Diablo II

38) Super Mario 64

37) Phantasy Star II

36) Mega Man X

35) Rez

34) Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

33) WWF No Mercy

32) Psychonauts

31) Final Fantasy VI

30) Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

29) Silent Hill

28) X-Men vs Street Fighter

27) Myst

26) Command and Conquer: Red Alert

25) Capcom vs SNK 2

24) Another World

23) Total Extreme Wrestling

22) Ico

21) Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

20) Okami

19) Tomb Raider

18) Pulseman

17) Rage Racer

16) Silent Hill 3

15) Virtual Pro Wrestling 2

14) I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

13) American McGee's Alice

12) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

11) Virtual Fighter 5: Final Showdown

10) Super Mario World

9) Riven

8) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

7) Tetris Attack

6) Chrono Cross

5) Mega Man 2

4) Shadow of the Colossus

3) Street Fighter III: Third Strike

2) Silent Hill 2

1) Chrono Trigger

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Kinda sad about the demise of the list. That said, the part I like of most of these types of lists is the stuff in the middle. You get less of the verbal fellatio and more on why you should like something. Not only that but almost all of these lists have the same things towards the top and the middle is where you see the stuff that is surprising or you've never heard of which is what's more interesting to me.

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A few days ago, a prototype for what was to be called the Sega Pluto was discovered. It's essentially a Sega Saturn with the expensive NetLink built in. If the Saturn had done better in the states, there's a pretty good chance it would have been released at some point. As it stands now, there are apparently only two of these in existence.

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