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  1. How about Independence Day? ... yeah, that has nothing to do with presidents. Or maybe it does. How about a Looney Tunes + Live Action movie, hm?
  2. The same thing with me. Watched a few season one episodes and I could only go "where's the fun in this". I liked Ren and Stimpy, tho.
  3. One of the SHIELD agents contained a chuckle at Artemis' comment, or at least his interpretation of it. "Well, Miss, it's simply for security reasons. There have been a lot of so-called super criminals roaming around New York in the past few years. Not to worry, you'll be safe with us." The SHIELD man said, putting the device back on his pocket and nodding towards the door. "Anything else you want to do before we leave?" (Out Of Character Comment: if there isn't anything else you want Artemis to do, you can have her arriving at the Embassy in the next post.)
  4. I just watched the seventh episode of Go On and found out it's on Wednesdays now. And I'm like... what? And How I Met Your Mother was great. Jason Segel was fantastic as always.
  5. "Before we leave, miss Artemis." The SHIELD man said, pulling out a small round and long device that looked like some sort of taser. However, it lacked the "electricity" part of a taser, and instead contained a simple blue light on the top. He held it up to Artemis' eyes, and turned on the light, scanning her retina. "Now, I'll have to ask, just for security. During your trip, did you drink or eat anything you didn't order? Did someone you don't know tried to give you anything, organic and non-organic? And did at any point you felt as you were being followed or watched?"
  6. The SHIELD officer put his badge back in his suit's pocket as a few other soldiers grabbed Artemis' bags from the airport staff. "Miss Artemis, I hope you understand: your security is top priority for us at SHIELD. There is an United Nations meeting happening today, so your presence at the Amazon Embassy is important, if not essential. Is there anything you wish to do before we depart? Any requirements? We're ready to fulfill any wish you may have." ------------------- Squirrel Girl, Ben and Thomas Wayne would all get to see very weird sights at that very moment. Squirrel Girl was the first one, as she could hear the sounds of... motors? Now why would there be cars in Central Park? Her question was soon answered as a mad chase through the tree-lacking areas of Central Park took place: police officers on motorbikes following a group of thieves in a car, while one of the thieves kept shooting at the cops, trying to get them off their tail. They were some of the thugs that had recently robbed the first national bank, and thanks to the thug's bad aim, no one was getting hurt... except for a few critters, who unfortunately had their houses destroyed by the bullets. Ben and Thomas also got to see another chase, but this one more traditional, and both from different angles. While Thomas could clearly see the NYPD cars following the truck (obviously filled with money) through the streets, Ben could only see the police cars driving right past him, followed by a chopper that belonged to a famous news network, with a cameraman filming the entire situation. It all seemed like just another day in New York.
  7. You can, of course, run the Amazons. I mean when I introduce a character, I expect to keep in control of him, understand?
  8. Very well, I'll take control of him if you want to drop out. And I'll also wait until everyone has posted to make another post.
  9. But you don't need to suddenly take control of the character in order to show that superiority. You could have still done it by only controlling Doom. This is like collaborative writing: I'm imposing a challenge (Godfrey) to you, and you're responding to it. You respond, and then I continue the challenge, making you think "alright, now what would the character do". Like, maybe I wanted Godfrey to make a certain question that would lead to a certain reaction by Doom, something he wants to record on his television show. That would be the challenge. Also, in the end, you could play the character in a different way. For example, he would never be unsure on how to address Doom (he always addresses people that he's criticizing with disdain and irony- this is a Tim Curry voiced character we're talking about), he wouldn't go "eehh" live, as he always has a game breaking question ready, and since it's an United Nations meeting, which has to be scheduled months before it happens, isn't it obvious what Doom is doing there? And what if I wanted him to do something which could lead into a reaction from you that would lead into something else happens? It's a chain of events that can't happen if you control him. Like I said, you want to do that to throwaway mooks, fine, but not every single character.
  10. Hurm. Alright then. Although understand it happens like that because I bring out certain NPCs for a purpose. If you can just control them, I can't have them follow that purpose (plus, they're called Non-Playable Characters).
  11. Erhm, Dread. I hope I'm not offending you, but you shouldn't do things like what you just did with Godfrey. Suddenly taking over them. You see, I was controlling him, and you suddenly saying what he would do is kinda... wrong. Can you avoid doing it next time? Not just to my characters, but to any characters? You can do it with mooks and bodyguards, or even mooks going after Doom, but not actual characters.
  12. I really liked it. Wish they ordered a series out of it.
  13. Doom was immediately greeted by a shower of voices from reporters and flashes coming from their cameras. One of them, an old man with somewhat blonde hair walked up to him, holding a microphone, while a cameraman accompanied him, filming everything. "Here we are at the entrance to the United Nations, in what seems like it's going to be a very special episode of our news program. I'm G. Gordon Godfrey, and already we see very important world figures entering the United Nations headquarters, like the "king" of Latveria, Victor von Doom." He placed his microphone right up to Doom's face, furrowing his brow. "Von Doom, what are the next plans for your country? Something you would like to share with my audience? Technological advancements? Rockets? Tanks? Censorship? More tanks?" ------------------------------ Artemis would soon spot a group of men of different ages, heights and ethnicities talking among themselves. They were all wearing black glasses and had small radio devices in their ears, but Artemis could clearly notice they were looking at her. The group nodded, before walking up to her. It's apparent leader, a black man with brown hair (in a very... wavy hairstyle) dismissed the airport's guard, showing Artemis a badge that had a symbol with an eagle on it. The leader had a strong build, and could easily tower over an average human being. "Miss Artemis?" He said, his deep voice silencing any questions the airport guard's had. "We're from SHIELD. We're here to be your bodyguards until you arrive at the Amazon Embassy."
  14. Oh my god. YES. YES. YEEEEEEES!
  15. And we have begun! A few things to establish: - Oscorp and Stark Industries are two of the biggest technology focused industries in the world. - The knowledge that Tony Stark is Iron Man is not general knowledge (in other words: it's a secret identity). - The main criminals in Gotham are the Joker (famous for always escaping death at Batman's hands) and the Scarecrow (who never goes against Batman face-to-face). - Superman has not arrived in Earth. - Lex Luthor is an important figure in Metropolis, running Lexcorp. Rumors says he plans to run for president. - Hal Jordan hasn't joined the Green Lantern Corps... yet. - The Xavier Institute is an important place for mutants... - ... but racism against mutants still exists. Most mutants live in District X, a run-down area "created especially for them" and instated by the government after extreme pressure from anti-mutant groups. - The Fantastic Four are a famous superhero group. - The Avengers don't exist, although SHIELD does. - Thor hasn't shown up yet. - Captain America hasn't been unfrozen yet. - As for the X-Men, some say they exist, but no one has seen them (or Wolverine) for a long, long time. - Martian Manhunter is extremely popular in the south hemisphere. Right... there should be more stuff, but I can't remember most stuff. Yeppers. Any questions?
  16. A golden haze pervaded across the skyline of the Big Apple. The light of the rising sun seeped through the towering skyscrapers, turning them into gargantuan silhouettes. As the daytime filtered through the windows of bedrooms across the city, new yorkers everywhere rose from their beds, stretched and rubbed the sleep from their eyes. It was the start of a brand new day, and the beginning of many great things. Some people would be returning to the same, humdrum life. Some would be beginning quite a new career. In the case of the folks at the first national bank, it appeared to be a case of the former. That morning, all the clerks and tellers were at their desks, minding their own business. Customers waited patiently in line, glancing absently at the beige and black surroundings. The manager walked past and gave a nod to the portly, balding security guard, who sat in front of the monitors linked up to flickering CCTV cameras. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and all was fairly calm. A few customers trickled in through the front door. One barely got in as the door closed, then reached into his suit jacket and fired a flare gun at the ground. The panic set in immediately. One by one, men and women began screaming their heads off, either standing and waving their hands about or dropping to the ground on their hands and knees. A group of suited men filed in, wearing screen-visor gas masks, carrying briefcases and machine guns. A few of the armed members aimed at the tellers and barked for them to get their heads down. One raised his gun in the air. "Ladies and gentlemen, please remain calm, " he said clearly, "This'll all be over in about thirty seconds." A couple of the men brought out a strange device shaped like a giant handlebar, and attached it lengthways to the huge round door of the vault. As it clamped in place, small drills began to bore through the wrought iron, making their way to the locking mechanisms. Once the door was unlocked and opened up, it was a matter of quickly loading up the cash, getting to the stairs, getting up with a grappling hook, then getting to the chopper that even now was making its way towards the roof of the building. No one could have predicted what would happen next. ----------------------------------------------------- In another part of town, life moved on, unaware of what was happening at the first national bank. Precisely, we'll be taking a look at the United Nations, home to some of the most important meetings of the modern world. The United Nations building was also right near the Amazon Embassy, a building that signified just how much diversity our simple Earth had. Every day, soup kitchens and special speeches and lecture happened there. If a candidate to a position in the government wanted some good press, all he had to do was to volunteer at the Amazon Embassy. All of their events were free, and the ones that did have an entry fee usually costed one or two dollars. The halls of the Embassy were filled with poor people, all of them standing in line for the latest free soup kitchen, as the volunteers gladly filled their plates with food and their cups with drinks. But right next door, an United Nations meeting would take place later in the day, explaining why one could easily spot some important figures in the US presidential race visiting the place and talking to the homeless people. Meanwhile, people were arriving at the United Nations, surrounded by bodyguards, secret services and black cars. A bunch of people gathered behind a metal fence, some of them cheering, some of them protesting for the most diverse causes. "Make peace, not war", "Equality for mutants" and other slogans could be seen in wood signs being lifted by yelling New Yorkers. Some of them were even yelling at certain presidents, kings and dictators. No one could have predicted what this was the beginning of.
  17. Squirrel Girl, Venom and the Thing accepted. And all that. I'll add all the accepted characters in the opening post.
  18. I tThis also says that Lucas will only be a consultant, and that Kathleen Kennedy will be the executive producer. Let me remind you she was one of the executive producers behind amazing movies like Roger Rabbit, Back to the Future, ET, the first three Indiana Jones, etc. Then again, she was also the executive producer in some so so and some bad movies. I actually have high hopes for this. With Lucas out of the director's and hopefully the writer's chair, maybe they'll bring in good people that can actually make a good movie.
  19. Goody goody, Preston. Well, we should start next week, since lots of you still want to join.
  20. Go for it. I'm debating on if I want to go with Animal-Vegtable-Mineral Man or The Rainbow Rider. The Rainbow Rider, of course. Now, Doom, Batman, Blue Beetle and Wonder Woman are accepted. The only problem with the Thing is it's backstory, saying it has already defeated some villains I was hoping to use (remember, rebooted universe, so the Thing may just be starting). Also, if Ben is already the Thing, then that means the Fantastic Four have already been created...
  21. I should note, before I accept anyone, that all your characters need to be in New York for the beginning of the RP.