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  1. I remember when they released the orange gun for the regular NES. I felt so damn cool because I had the original grey one.
  2. Isn't it coming with the PS2 hard-drive?
  3. I own that game... Raphael is the shiznit
  4. Holy crap... get those games away from me! They were so laughably terrible.
  5. That was a SNES game; this is a poll asking which NES TMNT game was best. My bad. Sorry. To tell the truth, I actually edited the game into the poll before I realized it was a SNES title and this was a NES poll. Silly admin!
  6. Yeah, NES was my first. My parents gave it to me for X-Mas with Turtles 1. What a godly game...
  7. I don't think I could ever do that. As much as it kills me not to be able to play Smackdown: HCTP and it's kick-ass career & match modes, I'm sticking by my guns. I have Smackdown HCTP and Kingdom Hearts. Let it be known that Smackdown owns the Wrestlemania games and Kingdom Hearts might possibly own Wind Waker...
  8. I can murder anybody with Princess Zelda. Any stage. Any type of contest.
  9. Here's what happened when I first learned about the Wind Waker game (exact quotes too): Cash: Guys there's a new Zelda game coming out!!! Friends: Yay (Monty Python style) Cash: This is fucking awesome! I'm going to buy it the second it comes out! Friends: mmm... PS2.... Cash: ARRRGH!!! Look at the graphics! That's crap! This game sucks! I hate it! Friends: he he he, crushed optimism... Needless to say, I did my preorder so I could get the Ocarina bonus disc. I played Wind Waker and actually liked it! It's a good game, albiet, a little short.
  10. Old School Atari 2600 is still the shizninny! Nintendo NES SNES Game Boy Game Cube Virtual FUCKING Boy bitches!!! I demand to know who else has one! (Mr. Keith rules) Sony Playstation 2 Sega Genesis
  11. Sigh... I finally went outside of the bounds of Nintendo and bought a PS2 a couple months ago. I can't betray anything that gives me access to The Legend of Zelda as a favorite though!
  12. When there are only four gamecube owners on the planet...
  13. I think that as long as they stay as... I guess the word would be "shocking" as they have been, they will continue to thrive. Well, that and keep making kick ass games!
  14. If it just says "Legend of Zelda" on it, I buy it. It's just the way things are...
  15. I'm such a freaking Harvest Moon mark! I loved that game back when it was on SNES!