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  1. Oh, my head. So, Quesada hated Peter's marriage. Vocally. This is well known. I get it. But he didn't want to have Peter get divorced, because that would create a disconnect with the readers... so a PACT WITH SATAN (kind of) was the only alternative? Wha? Joe Q is making my brain hurt.
  2. Dan


    I have to give the Giants their due; they've been playing really, really well. They've earned their spot in the postseason. That said, there's no way Dallas doesn't win this one. It won't be a blowout, but it won't be an upset, either.
  3. I'm really looking forward to this movie; the talent behind it is giving me a lot of hope for this one. Is there any kind of statistical data about how much a movie boosts a comics sales, if at all (to any serious extent)? I wonder what kind of product rollout Marvel has in mind. I keep picturing people wandering into their local comic shop and finding the new Iron Man, only to find that these days, Tony Stark is... well, kind of a douche.
  4. Oh, I HATE theaters. Hate hate hate theaters. Hate them. Teenagers, drunk girls, and frat boys - hear me now. We are NOT in your living room. Shut up. Sit down. Get your candy and your soda beforehand. Don't yell at the screen; they can't hear you. Don't ask your buddy to pause it. Either you're joking, in which case shut up, or you're not, and you're kind of retarded. Get. Off. Your phone. It tickles me no end that this is your third time watching this movie. Please stop telling your buddy what's about to happen. This doesn't even take into the experiece of paying $11 for a ticket and then buying a small popcorn and soda, and then realizing that somewhere a mistake was made, because now you have no money. Aargh. :grumble:
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    A very happy Boston fan at that. :laugh:
  6. Hmm... that actually looks like there might be more humor to it than I'd originally heard. I'm very intertested to see how this turns out.
  7. I'd like to think I can take more than that too. Clearly this quiz does not take into account my overwhelming DRIVE to beat up on kindergarteners.
  8. Hang on. This list is wrong. I have three words. Wave. Motion. Gun.
  9. I desperately wish I could find the link, because I think Uwe himself said it all: "If you loved Lord of the Rings, you'll like Dungeon Siege." (italics mine)
  10. I really thought I was going to make it to this movie's opening without getting my hopes up. One picture of a kid reading "Tales from the Black Freighter" and I start to jibber. :urock:
  11. Darth Maul as Snake Eyes is better than I could have hoped. That could be good. Ray Park is almost comically tiny, but I'm sure they can find ways to make me not notice. :happy:
  12. The FF movies weren't great, by a long shot. However, Chiklis and Evans were perfect as Ben and Johnny and were responsible for any enjoyment I personally got out of either movie (second was miles better than the first, but that's kind of like saying that Uranus is miles closer than Neptune. Technically true, but neither's really within driving distance). It was the S shields on the heels of his boots that kept me awake at night. (Seriously, go look if you missed 'em.) In terms of that which I enjoy that no one else understands, I LOVED the Alec Baldwin Shadow.
  13. I can't tell if this is twisted and wrong, or if it's covered in awesome. 25????
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    New England's ALWAYS played like that. Back when they were on their 21-win streak, they would demolish the really tough teams that were the cream of the NFL, and barely squeak by the Terre Haute Community College Fighting Insurance Salesmen. It's maddening. People say that they tend to play at the level of their opponents. I admit that it was less interesting when they were blowing everyone out 45-14, but it was also a LOT less stressful. :laugh:
  15. You did. yes. Tune in next week when the waitress tells me not to touch the plate because it's hot, followed shortly by a mad hunt for cold water and bandages.
  16. Oh. Oh, my. I can still see it when I close my eyes.
  17. Understandable; British TV on DVD tends to be prohibitively expensive. IMHO, totally worth it, although I'm biased as a Whovian fanboy from way back. And Blink in particular was a highlight, despite being this year's Doctor-lite episode (although the writer, Steven Moffatt [Coupling, Jekyll, scads of other really good TV] actually turned that into a strength of the episode).
  18. Did you ever finish out the season? What did you think? I loved this episode, and it was smack dab in a run of seven or eight really good, strong episodes.
  19. JUST listened to this episode (my podcasting has been lacking of late, because breaking iPods is apparently my new mutant superpower). This was AWESOME. I haven't watched or really even thought about TNG in years. This was three solid hours of me going "Hey, yeah, I remember that one!" and then having to apologize to coworkers for the outburst. I'm definitely going to have to track down the show.
  20. Nope. When is it set: now or in the past? And welcome to the forums! Thanks! I only recently discovered the podcast, and I'm really enjoying it. It's a five-issue series that takes places over their whole careers: Issue one in set in Spidey's Ditko era, issue two is during the John Romita Sr. years, issue 3 is during the 70's, issue 4 is in the black costume period, and the last issue is more or less now. All that said, while a knowledge of Marvel history doesn't hurt, it's equally enjoyable to someone totally unfamiliar with the characters. I've always loved the semi-combative, incredibly competitive, almost brother-like relationship between the Torch and Spidey, and Dan Slott (She-Hulk, The Thing) captures it PERFECTLY. On top of which, Ty Templeton's artwork is beautiful. Plus, it's seven bucks. I've spent more than that on books I didn't care for just to complete a run.
  21. My first post... be gentle. Have you read the collected Spider-Man/Human Torch "I'm With Stupid"? It's absolutely hysterical, and both my wife and my ten-year-old son loved it.