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  1. 10. Mighty Ducks 9. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Original volumes 1 & 2) 8. Superman and the Legion of Superheroes 7. The Batman 6. Batman: TAS 5. Jimmy Neutron 4. Superman: TAS 3. The Spectacular Spider-Man 2. X-Men: Evolution 1. Justice League Unlimited (4 - 10 are in no particular order)
  2. Let's see how good I can remember some of this stuff... 5. When "Lexiac" creates those Justice Lord drones to fight off the normal JLers in Divided We Fall, that was a very spine chilling moment and the fight scene was very nice aswell. 4. Harley Quinn's "Death" in ROTJ. 3. Superman taking down Supergirl in Legacy. 2. The entirety of Destroyer. 1. Batman dodging Darkseid's Omega Beam.
  3. Yeah that's about one of the only reasons to actually pay a theater fee for it though I'm afraid. I found the movie was very erratic in the way it flowed. It would build up the suspense, more and more, and more. Then it just fizzled out and started building again.
  4. Hope he's careful not to burn himself out.