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Hannah and I are going to be recording the Buffy Retrospective next weekend. If you have any feedback or suggestions for lists, let's say you have until the morning of the 25th to do so. As of right now, we're doing a Best, Worst, and Favorite episode list as well as reviewing Fray, the 8-issue Dark Horse mini-series.

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The shining knight top 7s an interesting experiment to pick one from each season

Top seven Favourite episodes (in order of season)

1: The puppet show: A fun little episode but the reason for its appearance on fave lists is it has my favourite line from snyder in it as he witnesses the gang on stage with a dead demon and a no longer souled sid on stage.

"What is this? avant garde?"

Hm: out of sight out of mind: only lost its place in this list because I am still pissed Marcie never returned

2: Passion: Angelus at his most dickish. What he does to Giles is still heartbreaking and vile.

Hm: Halloween: I love stories where characters end up acting ooc in a good way and Ethan Rayne is the man...fuck season 8

3: The wish: I am always a sucker for a great alternate universe story and this is a really good one. and Cordys death halfway was a genuine shock back in the day

Hm: Band candy: its so much fun watching Giles embrace his inner ripper.

4: Superstar: Johnathon is the best....he is better than the slayer. He is the one who more or less ends the garbage tier big bad. He is handsome smart and glorious....

Hm: Hush.......................................

5 Fool for love: linked with Darla from angel this is a great two hour event which shines a light on Willian Pratt and his future as spike and on the flip side Darla and her rise from dying whore to something truly evil....and good at the same time.

hm: The body one of the greatest 45 mins in buffy history

6: ......err.....I hate season six....I despise it there is nothing more fun than watching a twenty odd episode suicide note....how season 7 got made at all is beyond me.

7 Storyteller: saying that season six gave us Andrew Wells and he is made of win....and this episode is a fun little love letter to the character in a very dark period of season 7

Hms: Never leave me for blowing the fuck out of the watchers council

Worst episodes

1: The pack: There must have been a more dignified way for flootie to be taken out of the series....also racist aboriginie zoo keeper seriously?!?

Hm: I robot you jane: beware kids the person you talk to online maybe an evil demon who wants you to build a robotic body for him and god damn this shits stupid

2: Reptile boy: dating frat boys is bad....all they want you for is to sacrifice you to their dark....rather stupid looking master

Hm: Ted: seriously what is it with robots and badness in buffy series?

3: I got nothing this seasons pretty much perfect...sure dead mans party is kinda stupid and Anne sets up something awesome then never brings it up again but nope I do not have a worst episode here.

4 beer bad: there appears to be two common themes in my worst list....psa hell and robots...this is a psa hell pick....seriously cavemen?!? seriously?!?

hm: you got lucky pangs.....you got lucky.....its last moments saved this stinker from beating beer bad....spikes face in perticular never fails to crack me up

5: I was made to love you: Hey look robots.....yuk....sure there is some pathos in the final scene with the sexbot....but the fact I need to type the words sexbot and the fact it introduces warren mears just makes me wonder....this season could have been perfect if it wasn't for this

hm: not an episode but an arc....Riley finn is a dumbfuck who deserves the shit hannah and will gave him. a complete waste of space good riddence.

6: The season as a whole but that would be too cheap so lets say once more with feeling...I hate musicals....I hate actors who cannot sing....spike owns but fuck this episode

hm season six....yeah couldn't resist it

7: Him: the one clunker of season 7....my god what a stupid episode

as for ideas for you guys to tackle. May i suggest the top seven big bads ranked in order. The top funniest episodes. the top most depressing episodes and the top drop the ball moments for cool ideas which never got followed up on.

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Of everything I've ever done for the site, my review of "The Pack" is top three.

Seeing you and Will finish Buffy is a great honor to me. I really wish I'd been around to finish everything, but between the birth of my son, and the sheer talent of Will taking over for me, I can;t say things didn't play out for the best. Call me when Firefly comes up. :P

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