Episode 03: Brad Pitt


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The third time's the charm for Hey, an Actor! as Ian and Pandy tackle Brad Pitt, a man so handsome that he prompts the phrase "I'd do him" from one of the Brothers Wilson. From his sex symbol pomp in Legends of the Fall to his counterculture icon Tyler Durden in Fight Club and the reverse-aging protagonist of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, there is plenty to dissect. However, Ian gets distracted by Pandy's pronunciation of Edward Norton's name, as well as the raft of jingles employed by the younger Wilson. Also, a multitude of impressions are on display, ranging from Russell Crowe to Earth-2.net's very own Michael David Sims, to varying degrees of accuracy. [ 2:03:52 || 52.4 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/heyanactor/episodes/heyanactor_003.mp3

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Yes! New episode of HAA! Take that work shift boredom!

I hope it's not too late to e-mail in for the Bale episode. I'm still fighting off a chronic case of lazyness and shiftlessness.


Oh...it is too late. Blast it.

It's not too late to email in for the Bale episode to talk about the actor/his career; it's merely too late to help us decide on our picks. Hell, if you have anything to say about Jim Carrey/Jodie Foster/Brad Pitt, we'll read it out!

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Can't repress the giggling while listening to this in public. Braddles should appear more often, even if he's not in the film.

I really do love this cast, but if you are going to do tv to film breakouts, and you are going to do Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, Ian, do yourself a favour and watch it all first - we just finished it and I can't imagine it would be better seeing only some episodes out of the whole, particularly if you're ever going to watch it properly.

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