Round 1: Prince Humperdinck v Ian Malcolm


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Who: Prince Humperdinck

Actor: Chris Sarandon

Movie: The Princess Bride

Douche move(s): Forces a young woman to marry him against her will, plots her kidnapping and assassination to stage a war, tortures her true love to ("mostly") death, lies about said true love's fate to his bride-to-be, is named Humperdinck.

Who: Ian Malcolm

Actor: Jeff Goldblum

Movie: Jurassic Park

Douche move(s): In the middle of a dinosaur rampage, he makes time to showoff his chest.

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As much as Ian Malcolm is guilty of gratuitous shirtlessness he is also absolutely right about Jurassic Park being a terrible idea. Humperdink Is a complete douche so that is where my vote goes.

This. Plus, his name is Ian, and nobody named Ian could be a douche.....

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