Episode 708


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Once more, Mike is joined by Dave and Ian for an installment of Pulp Diction! This time out, the guys put a cap on their loose aviation trilogy by discussing Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Additional topics include the history of air raid sirens, the brilliance of Pokémon Snap, and weird names for kids. Also, by the end of the review, they reveal their next two movies. [ 3:19:28 || 96.1 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_708.mp3

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Great episode, gents

Now, I meant to touch upon this in an email to The Edge of Forever regarding "The Cage", but

WHAT THE FUCK IS IT WITH MAD SCIENTISTS AND ADAM & EVE/NOAH'S ARC SCHEMES? You need more than one male and one female of an animal species to guarantee its survival, otherwise the species will go extinct in a few generations from all the defects brought about from the inbreeding. Granted, I've not seen this movie and you mentioned that Tottenkopf has a whole herd of cows and bulls, but it's trope that pisses me off to an irrational degree.

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In my former job I knew someone who named their dachshund "Lightning." I later found out she had anther dog named "Mater" I realized that they were named after Lightning McQueen and TowMater from "Cars" the movie franchise that made me lose a lot of respect for Pixar. I am convinced she was my opposite because when I first met her she identified said that "The Big Bang Theory" was retarded.

(I am not making a generalization about people who hate TBBT, I was surprised there were still people out there insensitive enough to use the word retarded).

A few weeks later I brought up the Transformers series and she proclaimed that "Revenge of the Fallen" was genius

(I am shamelessly making a generalization about people who think that the second Transformers movie was a masterpiece).

If Bills brother was named Lighning for the same reasons, he has my deepest sympathy.

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I've expressed concern elsewhere, but between Ian and Daves support for Wild Wild West and Mikes unpredictable tastes there is a chance the film could walk away without paying its debt to society. That film is Tirades-worthy and anything less that destruction is too good for it.

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