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Couldn't believe there's no thread for this given that I know there are at least three forumites who love the show.

Finally watched the third season premiere last night and was very underwhelmed. Hannibal is clearly the draw of the show, but we've never seen him have his own episode before away form the regular investigative angle of the other half of the show. As a result, it felt like way too much of a good thing.

There was some interesting stuff:

-Gillian Anderson is enchanting as always

-Dr. Fell is an identity assumed by Lecter in the novel Hannibal which takes place after Silence of the Lambs so that's an interesting tidbit.

-The moment at the dinner table.

-Eddie Izzard in flashback saved the show. Without him it would have been a disaster.

All said, the first half hour was completely disposable, but from then on it dialed in completely. Very weird experience. I hope episode gets back to Will and the team again. In fact, I'd be very happy if they left Hannibal alone for a while since they're supposed to be taking on the Red Dragon anyway.

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I've liked all the episodes to this point, but they could've done a bit better on the ordering - put ep 4 as ep 1. Still keep the solo episode as episode 2, and then Will's arc goes great from ep 2 and ep 3. Plus, still doesn't ruin the Abigail surprise.

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