Episode 144


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To stop an alien threat, The Doctor goes undercover at Coal Hill School, disrupting Clara's life in the process ("The Caretaker"). Then, the moon is an egg ("Kill the Moon"). Also: Mike has a crush, which leads Dan to teach him of the Half, Plus Seven Rule. There are spoilers stemming from the season nine trailer, but they're brief; skip 2:45-3:20 if you don't want to hear them. And then there's Ian. [ 1:14:05 || 35.8 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_144.mp3

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I sent an e-mail making this comparison, but for the sake of discussion Dan, how is the dilemma in "Kill the Moon" fundamentally different than the one in "Genesis of the Daleks"? Do you think an abortion debate in analogy is unsuitable for Doctor Who or was it in-artful in how it was done?

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I do think it was done incredibly inelegantly, but the main difference to my mind is that in "Genesis", what the Doctor was struggling with wasn't abortion; it was genocide. He wasn't worried about killing these specific Kaleds in their incubators, he was trying to decide if he had the right to wipe out an entire species, along with the enormous changes to the timeline that would occur if the Daleks didn't exist.

I believe that, done well, nothing is off-limits for Doctor Who. However, the abortion debate would be difficult to do anything but clumsily, and frankly, Moffat ain't the guy who's gonna pull that off.

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1) Oh, like I wasn't going to respond to the Episode 800 skullduggery!

2) To wade into The Decision debate, the characterisation of Clara as a control freak seems either a bit at odds here (wouldn't she welcome the opportunity to be decisive for something with lasting consequences?) or a means of testing her limits on the Doctor's part. And I don't think it's the latter because, if memory serves, they don't follow that through and favour the "She's angry, but still lying to Danny" approach.

Also, she was present when her original Doctor was prepared to destroy Galifrey along with his past selves...before they came up with a wacky scheme to save it. I see she wasn't similarly inspired.

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