Episode 809


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Four long years before the release of Bryan Singer's X-Men there was Generation X. Debuting on Fox in 1996 and adapted from a Marvel comic of the same name, it serves as the very first live-action X-Men movie. Join Dan and Mike as they spend 90 minutes discussing not only this made-for-TV movie, but also changes in a character's race, Night Court, The Real World, and the awesomeness that is Matt Frewer. [ 1:32:50 || 44.9 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_809.mp3

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Listening now. Just a couple of thoughts up to the point I'm at.

Matt Fewer is awesome. Some of my personal favorites of his are The Trashcan Man in The Stand, Jackel in Gargoyles, and Pestilence in Supernatural.

So, as for The Real World, Hawaii is pretty much where the show went off the rails. Ruthie, one of the cast mates that season, got drunk constantly and it brought in huge ratings. By a few seasons later, they didn't even have to get jobs anymore. Just the free flowing booze and hot tubs full of VD.

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I totally forgot this existed...will you guys do the Gen-13 DTV movie next? :)

At the moment I can't recall if it's on this list / spreadsheet, but I wouldn't mind giving it a look.

EDIT: Just checked its Wiki page, and I see John de Lancie, Elizabeth Daily, Mark Hamill, and Cloris Leachman all lend their voices. So my vote is for yes.

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Yeah, I was concentrating on live action stuff since TV animation is something I usually do with Will, but there was so little DTV stuff before the DCAU material that the Gen13 movie slipped my mind. It had Flea as Grunge, FFS.

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What's next on the spreadsheet for you and Dan when this unnamed segment return?

There was a Power Pack movie, if you can find it.

I would like your comments on Hasselhoff in the role of Nick Fury. not her but in the official segment.

If you do the Trial of the Incredible Hulk (Hulu) You should get Ian to come on a talk about Rex Smith and his master acting classes.

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