Favorite/Best: Roland Emmerich

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Favorite/Best: Roland Emmerich  

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Gah, new poll doesn't let you delete vote. I automatically went into worst mode voting for Anonymous without reading the question. For the record, Anonymous is his worst film. Nearly no contest. Stargate and Universal Soldier, I enjoy. I enjoy Stargate SG-1 more to the point where I often will run across the movie on cable and forget that MacGyver isn't the leader.

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Anonymous a guy who knows nothing about Shakespeare taking every conspiracy theory about the guy and rolling it into one. He's went on the record of saying he knew nothing about the conspiracy theory he's espousing (and the script takes long periods of time to push the conspiracy hard). Also more than a little slander on Queen Lizzie. It has all the subtly of a brick hitting a window after entering orbit.

That said, when I say no contest, it's because I haven't seen Stonewall and, from every single review, I doubt I want to. At all.

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Interesting. I've not seen the film, but I have read about the Shakespeare authorship theories. They're so ridiculous that any director would probably struggle to vindicate any of them onscreen (one postulates he was Francis Bacon and was concocted by a mentally ill woman whose last name happened to be Bacon).

From what I've seen, though, Godzilla is easily his worst.

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