Episode 22: Nicolas Cage


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Every now and then, an actor with a considerable filmography, undeniable charisma, and a cult of personality arrives to test the mettle of The Brothers Wilson. This month, Hey, an Actor! profiles the inimitable Academy Award-winning Nicolas Cage, who is also Ghost Rider. Pandy's homework of acclaimed drama Leaving Las Vegas sees him ask fraternal questions about alcoholism, whilst Ian weighs up the historical merit of Jerry Bruckheimer's National Treasure for the very first time. And at the insistence of Reverend Organ, the brothers also take in the stylized action nonsense of Drive Angry. Even though there is potentially a hiatus in store, as one of the hosts prepares for fatherhood, the episode closes on not only a Pandy Parody, but the extended version of Ian's history of the creation of Nicolas Cage, with the assistance of cult 1970s singers. [ 2:43:58 || 79.1 MB ]

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Good show as usual guys, although I still feel like Drive Angry AND National Treasure is a redundant level of Cageish films. Should have done Adaptation.

The Hooters story had me rolling. For the record, my dad also saw Hendrix, only intentionally and with full appreciation for what he was seeing. And he bought the experience a drink. Not Jimi though. 

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You'll pry my feedback from my cold dead hands!

That or i'll send in another barely relevant diatribe entirely based around bad jokes like I used to do with For Your Ears Only.

Looking forward to the arrival of a little podcaster too. Please let her have Pandys talent and Ians flowing locks! And hopefully everything else from her mum.

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That feels a little like making faces through the window of a retirement home. 

Late, but Post of the Day! :bowdown:

In that I can't protest in the POTD thread itself, I think you'll find that nothing that I said in this thread was ageist, you sensitive Susan! I'm considering a lawsuit for slander, what with me still being, surprisingly, a lawyer.....

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