Batman Hush


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It was 12 issues long, and DC collected the series in two volumes.

Paperback: Vol. 1, Vol. 2

Hardcover: Vol. 1, Vol. 2

I'm not the biggest Jeph Loeb fan, so I didn't finish reading the story. However, Jim Lee's artwork is phenomenal! Hopefully someone who finished reading the series will be able to provide you with details.

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I'm a huge Jeph Loeb fan and an even bigger Jim Lee fan, so my view might be a smidge biased, but I loved it!! Loved it!!! I bought every issue, both hardcovers, and am getting the just released Ultimate Edition Hardcover for Christmas. There are a few points that don't get followed up on, but it is a very good story that includes most major players in the bat universe with Batgirl being the only exception I can think of at the moment. The art is beautiful. I liked it more than any Batman story not done by Frank Miller. For 15-20 bucks, pick up part one and give it a try.

[/Loeb and Lee Fanboy]

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I thought that Batman: Hush was good. I have the Trade Paperbacks of both volumes. The artwork in there is very brutal in some frames, especially ones involving Batman and Joker. (Spoiler? Not really, I guess.) It really is phenominal artwork.

The story is also very interesting, but it seems a bit linear in some points.


If you were looking for Jeph Loeb's best work in Batman, I would have to hand that over to either Dark Victory or The Long Holloween.

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