Episode 08.11


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The moment has arrived! Dave and Ian come to the end of their 11-month viewing of Twin Peaks. In episode 28, Cooper deduces the way to open the Black Lodge and who will be Wyndham Earle's next target. Unfortunately, he is too late to stop Earle from causing chaos at Miss Twin Peaks and kidnapping Annie. In episode 29, Earle takes Annie into the Black Lodge with Cooper in pursuit. What awaits Cooper inside will put his very soul in jeopardy, and he may never be the same again. They also discuss Ian's fury at the final episode, Wyndham Earle dressed as the Log Lady, what Pete Martell's favorite video game is, and the long anticipated return of Statistician Ian to announce the next show that will be covered. [ 2:31:10 || 68.8 MB ]


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Is this the most pissed off Ian's been on a podcast? I know Moonraker but, sober I mean....

Hey, I wasn't not sober for that review!

I think the angriest I've been when recording with Dave previously was in Shake & Blake (episode 12) for an episode called Voice from the Past. Whereas the end of Twin Peaks was a massive, boring disappointment, Voice from the Past was simply shit from beginning to end.

   Additionally, I welcome critical feedback on the CBFR Suicide Squad review! In all realness I was probably too nice on that movie...

That's not what I meant, as well you know Trollovan! I'll try & rustle something together for you by the close of the year.

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Well done guys - that was a heck of a marathon run, but I'm glad that you enjoyed most of the show along the way.  I'm particularly glad that Ian enjoyed it, as I would have felt rather guilty giving him something he would spend 11 months hating.

When I sat down to watch Twin Peaks for the first time, last year, I was hooked and devoured the set in about a month or so.  The character of Coop was charming and engaging,  the endless appearances of unexpected actors like David Duchovny and David Warner made me cheer, and I found the eccentricities intriguing rather than off-putting.  I certainly don't remember finding the final episode as annoying as Ian did, although it was frustrating in that so much was left open-ended.

Looking forward to the next show, which I've never seen, but a copy is winging its way to me from Amazon.

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