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So our local bad film club is showing a double bill of the ewoks films tonight. Chris and I are going with some friends. 

This is the first time I've seen them since before I started school (seriously, I was about 4). All to remember is a crashed ship with a trigger happy human and the attack at the start of the second film that gave me nightmares.

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OK, We have now seen the double bill

Ewoks: Caravan of Courage is everything you guys said, the irritating teen, the Lotr comparisons, it was honestly painful and not that fun. There's individual highlights of course, Wicket being a badass, the giant's frankly fantastic flowing locks but by and large its a crappy fantasy film with only tangential relationship to Star Wars.

Ewoks: Battle for Endor I might watch again over some of the prequels. No spoilers but honestly with the entire audience cheering and booing along it actually told a proper story. There's a pretty dead section in the middle but it actually builds some characters and the action toward the end is, whilst not being classically great, hugely watchable. It's a film that is not short of interesting shit to talk about. Plus the Jar Jar comic relief character is actually the most useful character in the whole film AND the heart as well. No kidding, I actually enjoyed this one. I had been dreading the full three hours and after Caravan I wasn't sure I'd make it, but Battle saved the evening. Oh, and the fate of the villain is fucking EPIC. Looking forward to you guys getting around to it.

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