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19 minutes ago, The Master said:

I never would have thought of Paul Dano for The Riddler, which is annoying... because it makes perfect sense. I am very excited and interested by this! This is some clever For Better or Worse level casting.

As for Jonah Hill; it was an interesting idea and he is a very talented actor, but the fact he may be out doesn't make me sad. Judging by the rest of this cast, they clearly are heading in a great direction.

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From what I've read on Twitter, the bat symbol is made from the gun that was used to murder his parents. If that's the case, that's inline with the Kevin Smith / Jim Lee story from Detective Comics #1000. In said story, Bruce (as Matches) tracks down the gun, melts it, and turns it into an armor plate to fit under the crest.

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21 hours ago, Pan-dub said:

Is it just me or is the forehead a bit oversized? 

Between the design of the insignia (with no little ears or a head for the bat), I'm thinking we might be getting a very "Bob Kane"-esque Golden Age Batman design. The cowl looks like it could scallop out to wide horns.



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Wow. He is absolutely brutal - I love it. This looks excellent! Also, Colin Farrell looks unrecognizable. 

Reeves noted in the panel that the story revolves around a murder mystery structure as a way to introduce a number of notable rogues, which I think is a great approach, especially considering HBO and Reeves are producing a GCPD tie-in show. The Gotham shown here is one I am excited to see more of!

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I dig the new stuff. Pattinson looks completely different as any kind of Bruce Wayne, and I like that. I like his emo anime hair. He doesn't look handsome at all, but he does look like a kind of Batman in his eyes.

LOVE Gordon. He looks perfect and love seeing him and Batman together.

Think Penguin looks great, but I wish he were putting on airs of being dapper, rather than just a straight mobster. But I can't see Colin Farrel in the makeup, which is cool.

Catwoman looks acceptable but we didn't see too much of her.

Honestly I dig the intense, gritty vibe to be honest. I like the choice of song, I like the Batman Begins-esque music. I like the reality of it. It almost looks like it takes place in the same world as Joker, but I really didn't care for that movie.

This could still suck. Aside from the collar, which I think is an awesome addition, I do not like the costume. The ears are better than Batfleck's cowl, but the Bale-esque military puzzle piece all black look...I really hope he changes that by the end. It's a decent idea as a prototype, but I'll never see it as iconic.

Moreover, Reeves swore up and down that this is Batman as the detective, but we just see more of him out-punching someone. That's cool in doses, but that's not what sells the character to me. Prioritizing that just disagrees with my sensibilities.

This looks like it might be rated R. R rated comic book movies are so hit/miss that they're still not justified to become the norm yet, especially for such an innately juvenile core concept as Batman. But Reeves' Planet of the Apes films were dark as hell but also PG-13s, so we'll see.

It looks neat, but ya can't know until you watch the movie.

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I had the same Joker thought as Don.

And even if everyone joked about it from the teaser photos, this really does read as the Netflix Daredevil, from that beatdown, to the voice. I'm fine with it, though. It still has that early years, Legends of the Dark Knight vibe.

Looking forward to Zoë Kravitz's version of Catwoman. I adore her and I've liked all the movie Catwomen so far, apart from the Obvious, so I'm sure this portrayal will be enjoyable too.

I dig that Batmobile a lot. Best since the Burton movie, not saying much, though I do kinda enjoy the Batfleck Batmobile.

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