Episode 03 - Watchmen #3


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What I absolutely love about the interview/alley fight sequence is how complementary the caption dialogue is. Moore does this all the time, it's practically a sickening habit. It's all over Killing Joke. But the dialogue always comments on the panel it appears in, in some thematic fashion. This occurs throughout the book, but it's most visible in this issue, I think.


Even in the dialogue immediately preceding the next panel, some of it is bolded just to make the line of thinking more obvious.


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Yeah, a similar thing is going on with the overlayed dialogue from the Pirate comic which is often commenting on what is happening/ what is about to happen in the main story.



One little thing that always makes me smile is the fact that Dan's lock fixer works for Gordian Knots. The Gordian Knot is one that is seemingly very difficult to fix, which could refer to the situation about Dr Manhattan, or could simply refer to how difficult it is to get a lock that will keep Rorschach out!

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