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Injustice: Ground Zero #1-24: this is basically last season but from Harley's perspective. She frequently gets annoying. Counting these as half issues each.

Punk Mambo #3: really digging this series. 

Road of Bones #2: holy shit this is really good.

Steel Cage #1: terrible.

Stitched: Terror #1: i like the art and storytelling, but the story was not good. Too cliched. I'll try another because it will be a different story.

Superior Spider-Man #8: this is so good. He is humbled by not being wanted in the main group of adventurers for War of Realms and instead teams up with West Coast Avengers. I actually liked Gwenpool in this.

Thanos #3: still really enjoying this.

Thor #14: fucking rad.

War of Realms New Agents of Atlas #4: this ended well.

War of Realms Punisher #3: fucking great!

War of Realms Uncanny X-Men #3: interesting peak of the crossover minis. But it really does seem that a lot more time passed in this miniseries than in the actual War of Realms event. It felt like it was month 3 for a thing that lasted a couple days. 

War of Realms #6: what a fucking ending! Holy shit. One of the best Marvel events ever IMO.

Wolverine Exit Wounds #1: this is a weird anthology. A fucking great opening written by Larry Hama bringing together Barry Windsor-Smith's Weapon X to my favourite Claremont issue of Wolverine (#10, by the way). Then there's a mediocre Logan and Kitty in japan story by...you guessed it! Claremont. Then there's a fucking awful Wolverine vs Venom story (if you can call it that) by Sam Kieth but looks like something a Sam Kiethg ripoff is doing. Big yikes.

  • Issues: 457
  • Trades: 19
  • Omnibus: 20
  • Graphic Novel: 15
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Black Hammer Age of Doom #11: There is a lot of padding in this series.

Captain America and the Invaders: The Bahamas Triangle #1: I liked this a lot. A fun throwback. Roy Thomas writes and Jerry Ordway draws. Lovely.

Dead Man Logan #9: still great.

Marvels X: the prequel to the Earth X trilogy is an end of the world story in a way. Truly fantastic. Had the same feel as the Earth X stuff, that I definitely need to reread now.

The Other History of the DC Universe: not a fan. This wasn't a comic book, it was a visual essay. I get what it was going for, but it wasn't what I wanted to read. 

Beasts of Burden: Occupied Territory: this was fucking fantastic. A WW2 tale featuring one of my favourites of the dogs. Really good.

Nailbiter Returns vol 8: this shit is getting crazier!

The Goddamned 2: the Virgin Brides: this was amazing. I wish it came out more frequently.

Monsters: this is the almost 400 page Barry Windsor Smith graphic novel. One of the finest pieces of comic book work I've read in the last decade. Definitely the best of the year.

Immortal Hulk #27-50, 0: I wanted to finish this today and I did. Holy shit.

Immortal She-Hulk #1: they should just give all the Gamma characters to Al Ewing forever.

Immortal Hulk: Flatline, Great Power, The Threshing Place, and Time of Monsters: to a one, all fucking excellent one shots.

Detective Comics #1000 The Deluxe Edition: this is a trade paperback-full of Batman stories with some great art and YMMV on the stories. Mine did.

That's probably my final count of the year.

  • Issues: 490
  • Trades: 25
  • Omnibus: 20
  • Graphic Novel: 16
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Action Comics #314: Jor-El checks for suitable planets for his son, on all of which he becomes a hero not unlike his JLA allies.

Action Comics Annual #2, Action Comics #643, Adventures of Superman #455-456, and Superman #32-33
Superman: Exile comes to a close with Clark having regained his confidence and returning to Earth to set some things right.

Adventure Comics #317-321 and Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #76: These Legion stories are setting up a longer story with someone called The Time-Trapper.

Alias #1-28: Reading this all in one go, it's very easy to see why Jessica Jones became an overnight fan favorite. Her flaws are relatable, yet despite her trauma she's still an inherently good person.

Amazing Spider-Man #78-83 (2018): Ben continues to struggle with his handlers, while Peter attempts to heal. I'm digging it, but I might wait for the trade at this point.

Batman '89 #4: This book is leaning hard into social issues, and I am here for that.

Daredevil #301-380 (1964): Sorry to sum up 80 issues in so few words, but rebooting this book was doing it a favor. There are some gems here, but mostly the series was running on fumes by the end.

Daredevil Annual #8-10 (1964): IIRC, all three connect to various crossover, and they're mostly forgettable.

Daredevil #1-8 (1998): Take Kevin Smith's name off of this and it's a pretty-but-forgettable story.

Daredevil: The Man Without Fear #1-5: Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. give the definitive origin of Matt, and establish an original sin by having him accidentally kill a woman. Even you don't read it, slowly flip through it for Romita's exceptional work.

Daredevil / Deadpool Annual '97: This undoes Matt's "original sin" (RE: Man Without Fear) and ties it into Typhoid Mary's origin. It looks great, but I'm not keen on Deadpool.

Nightwing #86-87 (2016): The end of Fear State and the nonstop action sequence. The latter is much better than the former, but this series is good all around.

Nightwing 2021 Annual: Dick and Jason share some brotherly time together. That is, after Dick suspects Jason shot someone in the face.

Power Man and Iron Fist: Sweet Christmas Annual: Luke, Danny, and Jessica Jones team-up with Hellstrom to save Christmas from evil Pokemon toys. It's a cute story.

Resurrection Man #1 (1997): This needed a lot of breathing room. Too much is crammed into one issue.

Robin #8-9 (2021): Please let this tournament / island adventure end.

Robin 2021 Annual: This is mostly a Strike Files-type book, but it works within the framework of the tournament.

Spectacular Spider-Man #189-195, 199-200: Sorry, but I got realllllllly tired of the non-Harry stories by the end and skipped some issues.

Star Trek: Year Five #7-12: We've now established Star Trek: The Animated Series is set in Year Five. Also, Sulu is pansexual, baby!

Superman '78 #3-5: Kal-El meets his parents. Awwww!

Superman #170: Cold War-era propaganda.

Superman: Son of Kal-El #5: Jon has a boyfriend!

Superman: Son of Kal-El 2021 Annual: Jon challenges Lex to be better.

The Thing #1-2 (2022): Not sure where this is headed. Might wait to read a bunch at a time.

World's Finest Comics #137-145: The addition of Jimmy to the cast has added a much-needed freshness to the book.

January: 157
February: 125
March: 185
April: 131
May: 177
June: 86
July: 97
August: 128
September: 188
October: 132
November: 208
December: 186
TOTAL: 1800

I cannot believe I read exactly 1800 comic books this year. 😳

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I read through the first four years of Injustice: Gods Among Us in 2021. Just started Year Five. It is a great series, and mostly the characterization is good... other than Superman.

In the aftermath of the Joker murdering his wife and unborn child, I understand why he would want to ensure that no more innocents are victimized and decide the best way to accomplish that is to take over the world.

However, this version of Superman goes way too far. I don't have a problem with Superman killing the Joker in a fit of grief and rage. But the rest of his actions just don't line up with Superman.


Superman would never murder Oliver Queen, Katar Hol and Dinah Lance in cold blood.

In the first volume, Batman says that Superman will remain the best man he ever knew, and there are some things even the Joker can't corrupt. That was one of the most beautiful, touching scenes I have ever read or watched in any work of fiction - comics, movies or anywhere. It shows just how important Superman is, when even Batman looks up to and admires him. Even Batman thinks Superman is "the best of us." They are brothers.

Making Superman a paranoid, murderous tyrant is a significant departure from the traditional characterization of Kal-El as a paragon of virtue - imperfect, yes, but someone who values morality. He would never be what Injustice Superman became. Even the dark and brooding Kingdom Come Superman never resorted to cold-blooded murder of friends and allies.

Yes, there are many ways to tell stories and many ways to write a character. But I personally strongly dislike how Kal-El was portrayed here.

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Also, unrelated to the portrayal of Superman:


Both the Norse and Egyptian pantheons exist in the mainline DCU, and I cannot imagine they would be willing to allow Zeus to demand everyone worship him.

I think this would ignite a pretty significant cosmic war.

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On 12/31/2021 at 2:25 PM, The Master said:

TOTAL: 1800

I cannot believe I read exactly 1800 comic books this year. 😳

Again: you're a fucking machine. 

I don't know what it is, but I read a low fraction of prior years. Books too. I've really suffered with reading and writing this year. I won't call it a resolution because I'm writing after a pretty long drought. I want to read a lot more this year.

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