George Pérez Appreciation Post


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With the news out today that George Pérez has an inoperable form of pancreatic cancer and has 6 months to a year to live, I thought we'd partake in some adora vivos. Love him while he's alive.


Wolfman and Perez on Teen Titans is almost single-handedly responsible for my comics fandom. While Marvel was beating DC across the board, Teen Titans was the only thing with the power to challenge Uncanny X-Men. What a fucking time to be a comics fan!

But...his masterpiece, IMHO?


I've got to reread JLA/Avengers. I've been meaning to for a long time.

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21 minutes ago, Donomark said:

His Deathstroke has been unmatched with every failed reimagining. Look at this artwork.



I think the earliest exposure I had to his work was this LPOD cover which always haunted me, the cheerful image juxtaposed with the dark title.


Deathstroke's original design is incomparable. And yeah, that's one of those formative Batman stories for me. Hard to go wrong when you've got Perez and Aparo in the same story arc.

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4 minutes ago, Davedevil said:

It's strange to me how he had defining runs on Wonder Woman and Teen Titans along with a decent number of Superman and Justice League issues, but he never did Batman for any length of time, when he really nails him.


He still did some big stories for Batman, like the two mentioned. I think that the companies wanted him on teams. Team books are pains in the asses for artists and there's noone better in the biz for drawing a shitload of characters in the same book. Wonder Woman happened because he was drawing their biggest selling book at the time and could basically do anything he wanted.

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