Wolverine VS. Hulk

James D.

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Almost 3,000 words for one issue suits me fine when the comic book is so awesome. They've already answered one of the questions we were wondering about--his legs won't regenerate. He's gotta claw his way to them.

Great review. I noticed most of Logan's character traits and mannerisms that you were explaining. I'm kind of irked that the issues won't come out every two weeks because now it's going to be May before we fully figure out what happens. :(

The only thing I noticed is you misspelled "dialogue" a few times. Other than that, good stuff.

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Jen and I have this "dialogue" versus "dialog" argument all the time. In truth, both are correct. But since "dialogue" is the more accepted usage, I've changed it.

You know, besides my < 100 Words pieces, I think this is the first thing I've written for the site since my review of Kirby Canvas Curse. :mellow:

Thanks for the kind words.

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I've just got round to reading this, cause I've just got round to reading the first two issues.

Very good work. What did you think of the second issue? I liked it, except for the scene in Ireland. I haven't heard anyone in Ireland use the term 'Ranch' before, and I can outright tell you that 'Tofurkey' pretty much doesn't exist. I'm vegetarian, and I've spent years in Ireland. Just bugged me for some reason.

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