New slate of DCU films under James Gunn


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Overall I'm quite pleased. Superman Legacy sounds like exactly the right foot it should jump off of.

Brave and the Bold (Because "Batman and Robin" has been tainted) being a springboard for the Bat-Family is a really smart idea, especially in countering Matt Reeves' early days Batman. The fact that Peter Safran said it's a film specifically to introduce the Extended Bat-Family on the grounds that they've been too long ignored is precisely what I'm here for. And I think Damian's a strong start on that basis.

Glad Viola Davis is not being wasted.

Glad Lanterns isn't just going to be the Whitebread Mayonnaise sandwich that is Hal Jordan and John Stewart is returning to the mainstream. 

The Authority is very interesting.

Supergirl is the one I'm not feeling, as they're expressly making her a more dour character than Superman. That being said, we just had several years of a highly well received Supergirl series, so doing something different might be a good idea. But I know Supergirl fans disliked the Tom King run, so IDK.

The fact that Gunn explicitly confirmed Flash to be a reset button for the DCU is interesting. Up until now it's been universally understood, but that he gave that away makes it a must-see tbh. At least in terms of if you care about this franchise. If people boycott because of Miller, they can't be blamed for it.

The rest, I've no strong feelings for. Gunn starting off with Creature Commandoes was 100% on brand for him, and I was momentarily worried this new era would be polluted with Z-listers that only he cared about, but I knew better. That Reeves' Batman and Phillips Joker movies are listed under "Elseworlds" (alongside Teen Titans GO!) is interesting, and apparently the Ta-Nehisi Coates Superman film is still in the works?

Interesting stuff all around. They're not copying Marvel, diversifying their lineup but working to redefine the classic heroes with the broader universe at the same time.


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I wasn't wowed by the announcements, though I think that's partly because of doing it in a short announcement video instead of an SDCC Hall H panel, but pleased is a good way to describe it, yeah. I'm glad we're getting more of the Batman and Superman families on the big screen again, I feel it's about time for that. I think we need a cinematic Nightwing finally. I wonder if they'll carry over Leslie Grace's Batgirl as a consolation for cancelling her movie.

I'm really curious about how they're gonna do Superman: Legacy, especially with the All Star Superman artwork they've attached to it. Acknowledging his Kryptonian side sounds great, we've had too many grounded Superman movies, it'll be cool to finally work with the sci-fi angle to it beyond the Jor-El scene from Man of Steel.

I really like the art style in that promo piece for Creature Commandos, I'll be curious to see if the show itself can maintain that look.

At first I was a little surprised they're doing Swamp Thing as a film, but I realized that it could end up being a big Halloween movie, like how Warner Bros. cleans up with each Conjuring movie. I'd like a DC horror movie, why not.

I saw this on Twitter, but it's funny how the Authority is considered one of those books that really ushered in cinematic comics, laying the groundwork for the MCU, and now it's being used as part of the DCU's new cinematic springboard.

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