Episode 12 - A Hard Day's Night and Head

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The Midnight Movie Show is back and roughly the same as ever! We're kicking off Season Two with the 1964 film that changed pop culture forever: A Hard Day's Night! (We're here to shine a light on obscure cinema.) After that, the Monkees smash that theatrical self-destruct button with 1968's Head! Fab! [ 1:44:05 ]
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14 minutes ago, Dan said:

I expected to get fucking CRUCIFIED for this one.

No need. This episode was amazing and made me want to watch both movies!

I also can’t wait to one day hear


why Superman II would be a franchise-ending disaster by modern comic book movie standards. I think I guess one big reason, but am eager to hear and learn them nonetheless.


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  • Missy changed the title to Episode 12 - A Hard Day's Night and Head
On 3/21/2023 at 10:14 PM, dc20willsave said:

Criterion is running a sale right now and I nearly picked up that BBS boxed set that had Head in it.

There are SEVERAL great reasons to own that box. Those movies are iconic for a reason.

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I thought the popular narrative was that Hard Day's Night sucked, but maybe I was conflating that in my mind with the reputation of Head, which I know has a generally negative public perception. I was aware of the scenes of suicide in the movie.

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Help! hasn't been historically viewed as bad, per se, just a silly inconsequential romp that wasn't at the level of their first film. It's certainly more clever than the vast majority of rock-star-cash-in flicks of the same era, and it's also the more obvious template for the Monkees' TV show the following year. It's only in the recent past that people have really looked at it and realized, oh hey, there are a lot of English character actors pretending to be South Asian and putting on accents and maybe that's not okay. (Not unlike a distressingly large number of comedy movies and TV shows in the same era, unfortunately.)

Magical Mystery Tour has to be viewed as more of a psychedelic period piece and less as a story with a plot. Individual sequences (not unlike Head, the ones that are essentially music videos) are great. The sketches, less so.


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