Quikie #3


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Well listened to it, and despite it being a quikie (which still made it longer than the early episodes) it was really good, I enjoy at least being able to get the bare essentials from Mike & Jen and Ian the more I hear you, the more I like you, keep it up man.

Also I feel so stupid now for not realising it wasn't Jenny C., sinc eI had read her last name somewhere before and not picked up on it.

Good show this week and next week looks like it will be sweet

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It was the Halle Berry jab, wasn't it? :happy:

That said, I was more pleased with the Guy Fawkes information - I really don't know how we celebrate a foiled terrorist attack with the same enthusiasm as you guys do with Independence Day. Especially with the whole burning in effigy business. Anyways, thanks for the kind words guys.

Good quickie show, looking forward to next week's episode a lot.

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