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Did anybody even notice it was there?

I'm trying something new here, and I'm slowly trying to make E2 more of a priority for me. But that's going to be difficult if I don't feel anybody is even reading the pieces. So yeah, did people read this? Like it? Hate it? Notice huge amounts of errors in it?

Come on, guys, feedback ain't just for the audio stuff.

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I noticed. :P

Hits went way up the day it was posted, so it wasn't overlooked.

Jen read it and had some comments, so I'll have her post them later. My thoughts will follow.

Ha, thanks - I know you noticed, cause you were nice enough to pimp it in the show. Which was appreciated, incidentally.

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I have read it, it's just been the end of term this last week and I had 3 essays to do in 4 days, on top of oWa stuff and other suchlike excuses.

Now that I've seen the film and re-read your article, I find myself agreeing with a lot of what you said and will probably reference it, alongside Yoda's review, when it falls to me to turn in my next segment. Appreciated the background on Moore as well; although I knew he was unhappy with the idea of the project, I never had a real sense of why.

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As Mike mentioned, I did read this, and thought it was very informative. I enjoyed getting some background on Alan Moore, cause even though I have heard of Watchmen and some of his other works, I'm not at all familiar with the man himself. And it was interesting to get a bit of a peek at his views toward Hollywood, however there were a couple things you mentioned where I felt like I needed a bit more context.

"Part of the reason for Moore deciding to stay out of Hollywood is also that it avoids him being opened up to lawsuits (like happened with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)."

What was the situation with this? You mention it but don't explain what the circumstances were.

I also wanted some direct quotes from Moore. You say: "And he publicly criticized the project's integrity, and has been quite visibly doing so in the British media in the last few weeks."

This made me want to hear an account of his dispute with Hollywood in his own words. Especially since you said they were very public, and hence, probably accessible.

Aside from that, great job. You dissect the differences between the book and film without giving anything away, and draw some nice connections to the story's updates and the things going on in our society. This is officially the first full piece I've read on Earth-2, and I'm glad it was such a good one.

Basically, Moore was accused of plagiarism by some Hollywood scriptwriter, who claimed he'd written a very similar screenplay. Nothing really came of it in the long run, but Moore was furious.

And I could have done with some quotes, I guess - I just didn't want to go overboard with quotes, because when I start quoting Alan Moore, it's very tempting to just continue doing so for three thousand words. Plus, one of the interviews where I got some of my Moore Facts (DOB etc), I didn't want to then quote, in case it seemed too much like plagiarism. Probably just me being over-cautious.

And Yoda, yes, you actually did - nicely done. Not many people get it right first time.

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