Wookiees v Klingons


Who wins...?  

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The Klingons may be physically stronger, but the Wookies are better engineers and would thus be able to build better weapons and shields. My vote goes to the Wookies.

Don't you mean that the other way around? :huh: The Wookies never developped space travel independently and were later enslaved by conquerors from other worlds, in large part due to the invaders having superior weaponry.

If it's an individual battle between a member of each species, the Wookies.

But the question was that of an all out war, so the Klingons.

The Luxons would lay waste to both at the same time though. :P

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On land, with nothing but knives and blasters (and the terrain, or course), the Wookiees would win; they're stronger and much more ferocious. No way could the Klingons win a battle such as that. But if the Klingons were able to use their ships to lay waste the land, as they surly would, the Wookiees wouldn't stand a chance.

So, yeah, Klingons for me.

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