Heihachi Mishima v Pyramid Head


BVGBA: round one, poll seven  

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I will not be voting against Pyramid Head in this tournament unless he ends up against a Chrono Trigger character...

You did put a Chrono Trigger character in the tourny, right?


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Pyramid Head never threw his own son into a volcano and flew away laughing as it erupted.

See, that's why I'm leaning towards Heihachi. To me PH seems like just another video game monster: big and bad, but done in by a normal schmo. Heihachi, on the other hand, threw his son into a volcano!

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Heihachi easily. I would call Pyramid Head emo, not badass.

He rapes other monsters with a sword. How is that even remotely emo?

I meant storyline-wise. Heihachi is about proving he is the strongest, even at the expense of his family. Pyramid Head is created by the town to represent James' need to punish himself for past sins, they feed off his guilt and repressed sexuality, and act, perhaps sub-consciously, as a way for him to satisfy his repressed desires; hence the rapes in the game.

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