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I need some help deciding on what format we should use for this tourney. See? I haven't forgotten about it... ;) Once again, I don't know exactly when we'll do this whole shebang, as I don't want to step on Mike's feet if he has another tourney upcoming. And frankly, I don't expect to be ready with this thing until late September at the earliest. Anyway, here are my three ideas:

1.) For "Versus" style, it would be 64 characters--32 for good and 32 for evil--with the #1 seed vs. the #32 seed, #2 vs. #31, #3 vs. #30, etc. in hypothetical fights and you would vote on who would win in those fight. Evil would take on evil until one is left standing and the same for the good guys and antiheroes. Once two are left, those two would face off to determine the ultimate anime fighter. This was what I had originally wanted, but I don't know if I want to do that anymore as I'm afraid Alucard would mop the floor with the whole thing. But, maybe others feel differently and would rather me keep it this way...?

2.) The second option allows for more different characters to be chosen for the tourney as many great anime characters are not "badasses". And you would take into account EVERYTHING about each character--background, dialogue, look, depth, etc in choosing who you feel is a better character. In this case, I would compile as entirely new list of characters than the one I currently have for a "versus" set-up. Not to worry--I'll do all of that work, as I think my knowledge of anime would give me a pretty good database of characters from which to choose.

3.) The third would be exactly like Yoda's VG characters tourney and would be strictly badasses. Simple as that.

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I side with the second option. My thinking is thus, I don't watch a lot of anime. While conversations about who would win in a fight are nice and all, I don't want to pick what anime I watch based on which character weilds the powers of a god or something like that. It would be far more interesting to me, and beneficial to me to see a which character is the best.

Yes, I am totally being greedy and self centered about this. I plan on using this as a guide for future anime viewing, well less a guide and more a suggestion. Besides, some really awesome characters are out there in any format/genre which are not badasses, if being a badass were all that mattered we would live in a world where every movie was about Wolverine.... *shifty eyes*. Anyhow, best overall character would interest me most.

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