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James D.

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Okay, so I know manga and especially anime are for the most part not cheap. So, this is a thread for us otaku to help out those of you who think they can't afford much anime. The point is to try and recommend some good anime/manga series that are less than about $20 per DVD. Believe me, I understand how expensive the stuff is. Kellen and others, feel free to chime in here, as well.

As for me, I will try to add one title to this thread per day and give an average MSRP of that series/movie I see around retail stores and online.

First recommendation:

Please Teacher!/Onegai Teacher!: Some of you remember that I did a review of Onegai Twins! for the Show way back when. Well, this series came before the events of Twins. It introduces you to Kei Kusanagi and Mizuho Kazumi, as well as other characters who appear in Twins. (Note: the main three characters of Twins do not appear in Teacher.) Basically, Mizuho Kazumi is an alien sent to Earth to do surveillance on humans for an intergalactic federation. No one is supposed to know where she comes from, but Kei Kusanagi, an 18-year-old student, accidentally witnesses her arrival to Earth. What he doesn't know is that she is now his new teacher at school. So, basically, he is forced to marry her due to circumstances beyond either of their controls. And hilarious and often times heartbreaking, misadventures follow. It's a pretty good mix of sci-fi, comedy and romance. While I wouldn't say it's as good as Twins, it is still very good in its own right.

Price: I bought the entire 4-disc, 13-episode series at AWA last month for only $40, which (duh) averages out to $10 a disc. And I can only imagine it's cheaper online than at a convention.

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