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Sin-Jin Smyth was nominated at the Spike Scream Awards as the Most Anticipated Movie of 2007 amongst the second Batman film, the third Pirates of the Caribbean, 28 Weeks Later and Pan's Labyrinth. Great company.

It stars Roddy Piper and a slew of other career bad guys, wrestlers, rock stars and porn stars!!! It looks wild.

I've interviewed writer/director Ethan Dettenmeier for an episode of Reel Dread to be published (hopefully) the first week of December.

Here's an advance screening review

If you folks are interested after the article, I might be able to wrangle Ethan to do a forum Q&A. Let me know.

This is a film the studio is trying to suppress because they think you are stupid and they don't want to offer you a choice of a gritty action horror with morally suspect characters and explosions. The film needs support to make it to theatres.

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For some reason, I feel like, a movie that takes pride in billing the fact that is has porn stars in it can be all that good.

I guess time will tell.

Does it take pride in it or bill it? I mentioned it. Jenna Jameson by the way is probably more of a pop culture icon than just a porn star anyway. I thought Private Parts was a pretty good movie even though I really don't like Howard Stern. JJ was in that one too...

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