Got Harvest Moon?

Mr. Keith

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Come on, I know that there are atleast a couple Harvest Moon junkies on this board so somebody must have played this game by now. I want info because I'm thinking about either getting this or Phantasy Star Online 3 :And I doubt I'll hear anything about that game <_< :.

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Have played it. It's a fun little game, which makes faming seem fun!

Isn't this more of a GBA-themed thread?

No, because he is talking about the Gamecube version.

What he said. There's both a GBA and a GC version of Harvest Moon that came out, which means this thread is in the right place.

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I actually really like it so far, but I'm really frustrated about getting nifty tools. It takes a long time of playing to finally figure out what you should be doing. Unlike the other game though, going to town is relatively easy and you can do it on just about any day while still getting your chores done.

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The biggest problem I really have with the game is that there are absolutely no festivals in the game. None, and I really looked forward to those in the previous games.

You also get automatically married when the first seasons over, even if you put fourth an effort to woo a girl or not. Which sort of makes it feel pointless to even try at times.

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Kind of a late reply, but oh well. There are a couple quasi-festivals, where you don't get to do much of at all. Nothing as good as the horse racing. Blah. Though I always cheated with HM64, with the glitch where you could bet for free.

Anyway, there is a set end to the game, but the game's so damn long anyway, that it doesn't matter too much. I enjoy it. It's an interesting entry, and good to play alongside Friends of Mineral Town, you get different things, same great HM goodness. Heh.

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