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Has anyone here sent their system back to Microsoft for repairs? Mine recently came across the 3 flashing red ring lights which pretty much turned it into a heavy plastic paper weight. The thing that gets me is that it's only 2 months old. On games and addons I've spent somewhere upwards of $700 and the thing just breaks. Microsoft has been good with the repairs, getting my system back to me in about 2 weeks, with no cost to me but then they stiff-armed me when I asked for compensation on my Xbox Live Account. I literally purchased a 3 month card the day before and I've lost 2 weeks... just doesn't seem fair. I just asked for those two weeks back and they said no. <_<

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I believe the Hardware division and the XB Live division are two separate entities. While both fall under the MS banner it would be like asking Verizon to compensate you for you not using your internet connection while your PC was getting fixed. Not fair but understandable business practice.

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Here is an update. They returned me a 360 that clearly had something moving in it. Plus every few hours it would tell me that the disk was scratched and unreadable, booting me out of my game (sucked a few times when I hadn't saved). Anyways, I called them and they demanded I return the current system, cause I acutually said I would be fine with it as long as it worked. They would not let me keep the system with said loose part. Anyways, they send me another 360 with another loose part (lame) but, this time no disk reading error so I'm just going to keep it. Anyways, I complained about losing time on my 3 month XBL subscription and they sent me 1 month free cards for each time they sent me a 360. That's 2 free months and a possible broken 360, awesome.

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I want a 360, but stories like these make me uneasy.

It's a great multimedia system but, I would totally suggest spending the extra $50 on the in-store warranty. Not that Microsoft sucks, it would just be much more convenient.

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